CSIT Winers: about scholarship, future plans and ambitions!

Lviv became known for its potential of IT human capital. In addition to three higher educational institutions which train programmers in the city there is also  a huge pool of young talents with incredible IT іskills. Winners of the last year school IT competition CSIT – Yuskevych Andrew and  Danilowskyi Yuriy are such people. We talked with them about scholarship, ambitions and future plans.Оліппіада фото 1

Despite young age, Yuriy has got huge ambitions. Currently he is a winner of 5 prestigious competitions and has no plans to stop. In May, he will also participate in roborace competition. Although he found application (quest around Lviv), which brought him and his partner Andrew a victory- rather imperfect. He is sure they could make it even better  The biggest inspiration to participate in CSIT was his teacher and schollarship, which he nevertheless won. Yuryi knew for sure how to spent his scholarship in order not to waste. “I bought few computer boards, brand new PC and some literature to develop IT skills.” Now Yurijyprepares for the next competitions, but this time with a new PC and inspiration.
DSC_1000Andrew Danilovskyi likes competitions because it’s a real challenge and a great opportunity to try your skills. He adds that he was always interested in IT. Andrew tried to participate in various competitions. As his friend Yuriy, he had decided not to waste a scholarship, and to invest in his own development. “Scholarship really helped me. During competition I used my PC but it wasn’t powerful enough. It was reallyunconvenient to use it. I needed a new one, but collected sum of money wasn’t enough to cover a full price of a new laptop.  That is why I used my scholarship to buy a new PC and some literature related to IT”- told Andrew.

In the future he wants to work in IT sphere, because he is convinced that it is not only job with a high salary, but also job he will love. Andrew dreams to work once in one of the global giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook.


Follow us and find out on April 16th who will become the next champion of IT Competition CSIT 2015 and get the main reward – a computer class and a scholarship from the Lviv IT Cluster.