Check the facts and get $40,000: the competition of Canadian journalist Diane Francis

04 Aug, 2016

Canadian and American journalist Diane Francis has announced the competition «Fast & Furious Fact Check Challenge». This information has appeared on the platform HeroX.

The aim of the competition is to invent a technology that would allow the most accurate and the fastest fact checking. That’s why Diane Francis invites not only journalists, but also those who are not related to verification of information, including IT specialists.

“Today’s “always on” environment, together with social media, really give us the ability to hear anything said by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Ironically, this flood of material makes it difficult to know what is actually true!”, is noted in the project description.

This competition aims to stop the spread of false facts and to help people to understand the situation in the world and their countries better.

Competition is opened to single participants or teams from any country. It will take place in two stages. During the first, Qualifying Round, ­teams have to offer a solution for fact checking. Following this stage 20 finalists will be selected. Then they will test their methods in practice. Participants will get a number of cases for checking authenticity. Basically, they will be speeches of politicians and public figures.

The main criteria in determining the truth are speed and efficiency. The best team will receive 40 thousand dollars. For second place the prize fund provides 10 thousand dollars.

To participate in the competition, you should register on the website HeroX. Deadline for applications is September 15.


Diane Francis is a famous columnist, investigative journalist, television commentator and screenplay writer. She works at Canada’s National Post and writes for the US Edition of the Huffington Post. Within the competition she intends to develop partnerships with main media to encourage them to check the information and use the methods proposed by the participants.