Admission Campaign at Vocational School №29 Has Started

02 Jul, 2021

The admission campaign to the vocational schools continues in Ukraine. Although vocational education was previously underestimated, Lviv IT Cluster launched a pilot project to reform, transform and develop educational programs at VS №29.

Lviv It Cluster Academy is a project within which IT specialists update the curricula in vocational school №29 for the “Information Processing and Software Operator” program. Here we provide a list of the admission conditions and the required documents.

Education program details:

The studying process is based on learning specific programming languages, such as C, C ++, Java, Javascript, Python, and testing basics. Acquired knowledge allows students to work on a variety of projects after graduation, including even web programming. Our main task was to help students develop both hard and soft skills while developing the new program. After graduation, students can work in project teams, conduct professional communication, present their work, speak English at the Intermediate level or higher, etc.

A few reasons to choose vocational school №29:

  • Acquiring knowledge that accurately matches the needs of the industry.
  • IT specialists of the Сluster companies updated the curriculum.
  • Over 60 percent of the time is devoted to teaching students practical skills.
  • Teaching by leading experts.
  • Two new computer classes with advanced techniques.
  • Thirty places of government order.

Admission conditions:

Documents submission for the initial vocational training to vocational school №29 in Lviv takes place from June 1, 2021, till September 1, 2021. Candidates personally apply for admission to HSV № 29 in Lviv, indicating the chosen profession – “Information Processing and Software Operator”; they should also have documents on education, place of residence, attached a list of required documents.

Read more about the admission conditions and the required list of documents on our website: