IT Future 2017: Summary

09 Nov, 2017

IT Future 2017 is coming to an end. During 6 months, Lviv IT Cluster has visited 80 schools. More than 2 thousand students learned about the IT industry in Lviv and Ukraine, as well as about future career opportunities in tech.

IT Future 2017 aimed at sharing information about IT education in Lviv among high school students. Students not only learned about the local development of IT, but also about the latest tech trends throughout the world. Modernized degree programs in Lviv universities have also been presented. The project involved 50 schools in Lviv and 30 in the Lviv region.

Among the visited schools: “Beregynia”, school №29, GOIR, school № 51, Lviv Ukrainian Private Gymnasium, Lviv Law Gymnasium, Gymnasium Syhivska etc, as well as schools in towns around the region: Zolochiv, Skole, Zhovkva, Stryi etc.

“Having visited these schools, we realized that students are indeed interested in new technologies. They are using mobile devices and know how IT can be used in medicine, cars and other industries. After presentations, many students want to visit IT companies to see how all of this works in real life” – says Khrystyna Martynyak, Education Manager at Lviv IT Cluster.

Next year, the Cluster will continue promoting IT among high school students since the importance of sharing opportunities with the younger population cannot be underestimated. IT Future 2018 will mostly focus on the regional schools to provide all the needed information for students who will have to choose their career very soon.