IT Professions of the Future to Get in Lviv

25 Apr, 2018

The IT industry is one of the most dynamic fields contributing to the Ukrainian economy nowadays. The number of IT companies and IT specialists are growing at a very high rate as the technologies are changing and developing. Let’s find out what future professions will be in high demand in the incoming years. By the way, all of them can be studied at Lviv universities.

Internet of Things

The first innovative degree program Internet of Things was launched at Lviv Polytechnic back in 2016 by Lviv IT Cluster and experts from Lviv IT companies. The idea behind the program: educate students to become professionals in this popular field. Smart devices, smart home systems, smarter home appliances, smart watches and home assistants, etc. – those are the things which will become more and more popular and affordable in the future.

Our homes are becoming smarter – in order to prevent damages, it’s possible to analyze energy resources in a house or an office building. Imagine a situation, when you get a call from the manufacturer of your washing machine, who informs you about a possible machine’s damage before it stops working. It already works. Internet of Things has dramatically changed sales – for example, Amazon Go shops without sellers. Healthcare, gas and oil industries are the fields where IoT will also be implemented soon. Very soon, we’ll observe the real boom of hardware devices with additional functions. And everyone will want to buy them. That’s why it was very important for us to start preparing Internet of Things experts here in Lviv,” – says Zenoviy Veres, Education Director at Lviv IT Cluster, lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic, Solution Architect.

Among the future careers you can start after studying at Bachelor’s Program in Internet of Things, experts highlight: IoT Specialist, IoT Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Product Manager.


In the time of cyber attacks, computer viruses, data breaches, and manipulations, cybersecurity became the topic everyone is talking about. This year Lviv IT Cluster is launching two Cybersecurity programs that will start in September at Lviv Polytechnic and at Lviv University of Life Safety.

There is a real problem nowadays – the lack of cybersecurity experts on the job market. The young specialists who graduated from local universities don’t have the needed knowledge and skills for starting to work as the security specialists. The new programs will prepare new well-educated specialists who could easily work in Ukraine as well as abroad,” comments Michael Kropyva, Lead of Cybersecurity programs and InfoSec Director at SoftServe.

Cybersecurity programs will prepare such professionals: Security Engineer, Information Technology Specialist, Security Consultant, Information Security Officer, Incident Responder, Penetration Tester, Security Analyst, Security Software Developer.

Big Data

Huge amounts of data are used in many fields nowadays and form the basis the technology of Artificial intelligence. Data analysis, structuring and finding connections help to recognize different things and make different tasks for computer systems. In 2017, Lviv IT Cluster has launched Data Science & Intelligent Systems and modernized already existed Data Science program at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and this year it launches a similar program – Business Analytics & Data Science at Lviv Polytechnic.

After graduating from the programs, professionals can choose to be Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Architects, Data Engineers, Business Analysts, Data & Analytic Managers.


Construction Robotics will be one of the “hot” professions of the future. Computer vision technology, robotized systems, objects recognition together with mechanics and physics will push the technology of robot construction forward and find the new ways to make machines smarter and more human-like. Bachelor’s Program in Robotics will be launched in September at Lviv Polytechnic and will prepare professionals for this field.

Among the professions of this area – Robot Programmer, Controls Programming Engineer, Technical Support Specialist, Manufacturing Process Engineer, Electrical Controls Engineer, Robotics Technician.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system, built on algorithms and Big Data which can work in a way the human brain does. For example, to learn by itself, recognize objects, language, look for interconnections between groups of data, systemize and analyze them, make predictions, etc. AI is already widely used in the healthcare industry, for example.

The Bachelor’s Program in Artificial Intelligence works at Lviv Polytechnic since last year.

Studying at the AI program will allow choosing from the following careers one can pursue: AI Developer, AI Specialist, Machine Learning Specialist, Deep Learning Engineer, Computer Scientist, Researcher.

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