IT Club Loyalty Program Launches in Kyiv and Odesa

19 Nov, 2018

Lviv IT Cluster loyalty program for IT specialists – IT Club goes beyond Lviv and starts working in Kyiv and Odessa.

IT Club gives plenty of opportunities to use your money wisely and not to overpay for dinners at your favorite places, hotel stays during business trips, shopping etc. In addition, the program offers an excellent opportunity to save money while buying something big like cars, apartments, and houses. Every fifth restaurant, the most famous hotels in Lviv (Leopolis, Astoria, Vintage Boutique Hotel, Kavalier, Ibis, Nota Bene Hotel, Swiss Hotel), medical facilities, beauty salons, clothes shops, IT companies, car dealership companies, financial institutions take part in IT Club loyalty program in Lviv.


In total, the program unites more than 650 partners in Lviv who offer special discounts and offers for IT Club cardholders – employees of Lviv IT Cluster member companies. More than 85 IT companies and 15 000 IT professionals benefit from IT Club loyalty program. The program is so popular in Lviv, that every 30 minutes new IT Club card transaction is made, and an average IT Club member visits at least 7 partners a month.

In November the program launches in Kyiv and Odesa. You can already visit Andrew’s Irish Pub, Sportlife, Staromak, My bookshelf, Chashka Espresso Bar, BlinStory in Kyiv and Moloko Bar, Zelda Bar, The Roastery by Odesa, Gorilla food delivery, Hollywood Club, Gastrobar in Odesa and reap the IT Club benefits.

club8We are inviting all kinds of establishments to join the IT Club community, which is constantly growing. And we are also inviting those Lviv IT CLuster companies employees, who don’t have their IT Club cards yet to join the community.

Phone: 0800500336