EPAM Solution Architecture University

15 Jun, 2016 1

EPAM is the largest IT Company in Ukraine. It has extended infrastructure, and a proactive approach to engineers’ training and education. The company understands to be a leader in the industry and to keep on growing, it requires not only attracting new talents, but to strengthen the expertise of EPAMers as well. That is why the company has expanded professional training programs.

EPAM Solution Architecture University (SAU) is one of such programs. For EPAM the role of architect is extremely important. Creating a product requires close cooperation with customers and development teams located in different countries. Creating architecture is not only about technological analysis and prototyping. This is actually a process of harmonization of visions, approaches, and requirements of business and technology into a product architecture. In fact, an architect is the link between business objectives and a development team. This is definitely a team game, accompanied by solutions testing, and creating a balanced and sustainable products efficiently and on time.

The value such professionals provide is very high for any company. But in EPAM Ukraine there is an inner development program targeted at skills improvement. This allows Solution Architects to obtain accreditation to confirm their qualifications.

The program lasts for 6 months and is fully funded by EPAM. It is mainly focused at the use of best practices in software architecture. It combines theoretical best practices, as well as EPAM unique experience. This gives a great mix of real projects and customers examples. Not all leaders in IT industry can say they have worked out programs like this one.

At the same time EPAM understands that even the best knowledge cannot always guarantee good results. Within SAU program they pay particular attention to every person. This means soft skills trainings, language trainings, or a particular program module in-depth study. As a result, SAU inner accreditation program gives not only the opportunity of technological growth, but also exposes business component in detail, which allows the company to work more efficiently with the Western Market and to attract new projects in Ukraine.

Currently EPAM is actively looking for Solutin Architects. Some of new EPAMers will have a unique opportunity to immediately join SAU, if they apply for one of the openings before June 15th.

EPAM cares about people who are good in writing good code, business problems solving when working with customers, and creating first-class products. They believe it’s important to invest in best IT talents skills improvement, as this will assure the development of IT industry in Ukraine.