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IT Expert: School Edition

Modernized informatics program for Lviv schools

About the project

IT Expert: School edition is an education project organized by Lviv IT Cluster and the Digital learning training center. The initiative aims to provide students with practical skills and up-to-date expertise in informatics. We aim to make informatics classes engaging and exciting for any secondary school student. Experienced IT specialists from the leading Lviv IT companies will deliver the classes based on updated informatics programs. The program has already been launched in five educational institutions, namely Secondary school “Lider”, Prosvita Lyceum, Lviv Lyceum, Сlassical gymnasium, and Ivan Puluj Lyceum.

Close cooperation between Lviv IT Cluster and the Digital learning training center will lay the base for a new approach to informatics school teaching.


icons-02Modernize the “Informatics” curriculum in Lviv schools. The project partners updated the Ministry of education curriculum with practical tasks and new information for students of 7-9 years of study.


icons-03Improve the quality of teaching. IT specialists who gained practical experience in the largest IT companies will deliver the informatics classes to the students in Lviv secondary schools.

icons-04Provide students of 7-9 grades with practical skills and knowledge. 
Students will learn new programs, editors, and programming languages, which will help them immerse in tech and acquire the skills needed in the modern world.

Why is informatics a must-have subject in schools?

  • The majority of students will have to work with tech in the jobs of the future.
  • Programming develops analytical thinking, attentiveness, and creativity.
  • Having acquainted with Informatics, students will be able to make the right choice concerning occupation in  IT or related fields in the future.
  • An in-depth Informatics program can be combined with other school subjects, which will, in turn, grow the interest of students in the learning process.



Our partners, the Digital Learning training center, have been working with private schools for several years. Their experience will help to implement modernized study programs in Lviv public schools effectively. They invited the best IT specialists from the largest IT companies to share their knowledge with students.

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