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Incredible emotions, stage, music and even the light snow! Take a look what it was like in 2016 and see you at the land of the future – Futureland Festival 2017!

LInE UP 2016


2016 – became the debut year for Futureland Festival. The first festival turned out to be a loud one, since the world famous DJ Netsky together with Script MC performed there. Netsky is on the world’s Top 100 DJs list and is known for his drum&bass tracks.

DJ Omnia – the only Ukrainian on the world’s Top 100 DJ list also performed at the festival along with Funkmasters (Derrik&Tonika, MaxNRG), Inversoon&AlexDaft and DJ T-One.

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LINE UP 2017

In 2017, Futureland Festival was headlined by one of the most popular bands of the European electronic music scene – Cassius. Famous Ukrainian DJs – Pahatam, SE62, Cape Cod and others. Despite a cold night, the festival gathered a few thousand people and the atmosphere was heated up by music.

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Tech Expo

During the festival, the visitors have an opportunity to check out the latest Ukrainian technologies. In 2016, the first Ukrainian electric car Synchronous, as well as a tank ET-1 were on display at Tech Expo. 

It is planned that Tech Expo will grow in scale in the upcoming years.


About the project

Futureland Festival – is a fantastic festival of electronic music and technology, which takes places at Arena Lviv stadium within IT Arena conference. During the festival the most famous DJs from around the world and Ukraine perform in front of a few thousand people. The visitors can not only dance to rousing music but as well see an exhibition of the latest Ukrainian technologies.

Everything about the festival is connected to the future: technologies show the world where we will live tomorrow, electronic music symbolizes progress, but most importantly by joint efforts these people are creating the futurethat is where the name Futureland Festival comes from.


Yurii Ohonovskyi
Project Manager

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