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Discount program for Lviv IT Cluster members

About The Project

IT Club – is the largest and the most affluent IT community. Among its members are employees of the leading IT companies who are the top experts in the industry.

Having the card makes you an integral part of the giant community: you form the present of information technology industry and care about its future!

IT Club membership card is your opportunity to get involved in the Club’s projects and enjoy all the benefits your company receives when joining Lviv IT Cluster.

If your company is a member of Lviv IT Cluster,
we congratulate you – you are already in IT Club!
The only thing you need is to register a membership card!

* Every employee of Lviv IT Cluster companies’ may find IT Club membership card through the dedicated person in the company.


IT Club card – is a sort of IT specialist “passport”. Furthermore – a special privilege.

We developed this project for us all, because its always a pleasure to get a discount and a feel of involvement into something “bigger”.


By registering the card you can get discounts on goods and services in the partner program institutions, as well as participate in the activities of the Club.

Congrats, you got IT Club card!
For further use you need to:

To complete registration you need to:

  • indicate your e-mail address
  • card number
  • company name

With the help of IT Club app you will be able to get a detailed information about discounts and offers from our partners, as well as, give feedback about them.


Do you own or work for

  • café or club
  • pharmacy or store
  • airline or hairdresser
  • workshop or service shop
  • or any other type of business

And would like to display your presence in the IT community? Become an IT Club partner and benefit from our loyalty program features.

Advantages of participating in the IT Club partnership: 

  •  The IT community will learn about your business
  •  Information about our partner will be provided in the IT Club mobile app
  • Our network of distribution will introduce your company to a broad member base (15,000+ IT experts)
  • You will have the opportunity to make a unique newsletter for all IT Club members (for extra payment)

For more information you can download a presentation for our potential partner with the detailed business capabilities and benefits of cooperation.

The IT Club Partner is required to:

  • Give a discount or a compliment to all the IT Club card owners
  • Place the IT Club sticker in its company
  • Establish information about its participation in the IT Club on social networks, on the website or in a mailing list
  • Sign a cooperation agreement
  • Forward a compliment for the next time in case of not having provided the service to the cardholder previously

For more details about the terms and benefits of participation please contact our project manager Nataliya Heras.

Are you ready to enroll in the biggest Loyalty Program? Do you strive for the IT community to get know about you? Join the IT Club. Get started now with filling the form and find out about all benefits of participation.


Nataliya Heras
Project Manager

Do you have any questions, suggestions or wish to contribute to the project? Please contact nataliya.heras@itcluster.lviv.ua!

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