IT Industry Monitoring

Regular internal survey on Lviv IT market

About the project

The entire business environment of the world and our country, in particular, is facing uncertainty and numerous rapid changes. The lack of accurate forecasts about the end of the pandemic and the global economic crisis requires business owners and managers to come to difficult decisions to prepare their companies for the new conditions.

Lviv IT Cluster presents a new project for local IT companies – IT Industry Monitoring, which aims to monitor the decisions of owners and managers of IT companies in certain aspects of life and business development. We monitor the decisions of individual companies and prepare detailed summary reports so that you can see the market trends of current conditions.

The surveys are conducted regularly, which enables IT companies that are members of Lviv IT Cluster to make decisions based on understanding the overall market situation.

The structure of the survey

IT Industry Monitoring includes the following sections:


  • Company profile

– Company size

– Company business model

– Decision-making center

  • Work mode

– Work from office/home

– Effect of the new work mode on the performance of company/teams

  • Financial management decisions

– Results of negotiations with leaseholders

– Job cuts and hiring 

– Remuneration during the crisis

– Policy on other companies’ costs

  • Work with clients and sales

– Relationships with existing clients

– Attracting new projects/orders

  • Predictions for the near future.


Results of the research

Only members of Lviv IT Cluster can access the survey. To join Lviv IT Cluster, feel free to contact Stepan Veselovskyi.
Stepan Veselovskyi
CEO Lviv IT Cluster

Do you have any questions/suggestions or wish to contribute to the project? Please, contact me!

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