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–źdaptability and resilience amidst war

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About the Project

IT Research Ukraine is the only comprehensive, in-depth study on the state and prospects of the tech industry in Ukraine and its regions, which has no analogs. The project was implemented by the Lviv IT Cluster in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with the support of the USAID ‚ÄúCompetitive Economy of Ukraine‚ÄĚ Program.

The IT Research Ukraine aims to support Ukraine’s tech business in remaining stable and growing in times of uncertainty.

The basic report is available for download to everyone. An extended report with the most detailed business indicators is available for members of Lviv IT Cluster and upon a request to the manager.

Research findings include a detailed overview of the changes, dynamics, and development of the technology industry based on input from tech specialists and representatives of tech companies surveyed, regardless of their relation to professional associations.


tech companies

7 000+


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Why IT Research Ukraine


Amidst uncertainty, relying only on personal experience is not a viable approach to move forward. Without risk analysis, monitoring of trends, and considering forecasts, businesses’ potential error costs can become excessively high.


Data is a powerful tool. If used for accomplishing your business goals instead of operating haphazardly, it creates favorable conditions for your company’s growth.


Do you aim to optimize business processes, select the right trajectory, and align plans with the ever-changing tech market? The IT Research Ukraine findings can be of significant value.


Our report involves precise analytical data, serving as the foundation for well-informed decisions by owners and stakeholders to facilitate business growth even amidst change.

Who is the Report For


CEOs and Business Owners

In your role as the head of a tech company, strategic decisions on important initiatives are a daily responsibility. Our team’s nearly 10 years of experience and distinctive expertise will keep you well-informed about the tech market and help always stay one step ahead.


COO and C-level Managers

Operations directors can use the results of our research to implement ideas, make timely changes in response to tech industry trends, and optimize management to reach development goals successfully.


Investors and Business Angels

Do you want to manage priorities, comprehensively evaluate and plan the most successful investments? With IT Research Ukraine, you don’t need to waste your time searching for insights from different sources. Compare your strategy with market indicators and choose the optimal investment focus.


Partners of Tech Companies

The tech industry creates additional jobs and impacts other areas. Do you cooperate with representatives of the technology industry and strive for quality changes? Use IT Research Ukraine data and take collaboration with clients or partners to a new level.

Implement quality changes based on IT Research Ukraine data to grow in 2024

What is IT Research Ukraine about

Tech industry of Ukraine and macroregions
  • General economic effect
  • Industry share in tax revenue
  • Creating and saving jobs
Business activity
  • Business activity of tech companies
  • Changes in HR practices
  • Changes in employment forms, gig contracts
Income and expenses
  • How tech specialists‚Äô income and expenses have changed
  • Do they combine several workplaces?
  • What percentage of income is spent on charity
Expectations and forecasts
  • What affects the change in migration attitudes
  • How many tech specialists plan to move abroad
  • How the tech industry will develop in a year

Optimize business processes based on precise data for your stability and growth amidst war

IT Research Ukraine is available in basic and extended versions

Basic report:

  • Available to everyone after filling out the form on the website

  • Includes key indicators of the tech industry development

  • Distinctive features of local industries

  • Wartime economy

  • Migration attitudes of tech specialists

  • Economic expectations and forecasts of tech market participants

Extended report:

  • Available only to Lviv IT Cluster members and upon special request to the manager

  • The report has no analogs and is the largest analytical study of the tech industry in Ukraine

  • Data for benchmarking companies‚Äô performance against market indicators

  • The limit of compensation reduction: what compromise is acceptable for specialists?

  • Data on whether tech specialists combine multiple workplaces at the same time

  • Changes in income: a review of financial rewards of tech specialists, median salary increase

  • Plans of tech specialists for legalization abroad with specification by positions

  • Factors changing the migration attitudes of tech specialists and whether you can influence them

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Cooperation with media

We are always interested in cooperation with media and journalists.
Contact our PR department or download the media kit and share news about IT Research Ukraine on your resources.