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IT Village is a suburban area for IT-specialists created for uniting like-minded people. It is a comfortable place for living and recreation nearby Lviv with houses built with the most up-to-date technologies. What is unique about IT Village is that all its inhabitants are the employees of the same industry, people with common interests, possibly even co-workers, and the best neighbors overall.

The area will consist of 133 separate houses of different types and will be located in Nahoryany, by the picturesque lake Navariya, 9 km from Lviv.

The mission of IT Village is to unite creative class representatives and build an influential community of like-minded people.

Advantages of IT Village:

  • Security

It is safe to live and rest on the territory of IT Village. The area will be guarded 24/7, including the video surveillance, and will only be accessible for the residents.

  • Comfort

Houses in IT Village are with smart planning, built from modern and high-quality materials, with terraces and private yards. The territory will also provide a common recreational area for the neighbors and a playground for children.

  • Accessibility

Life in IT Village will not be devoid of urban advantages since the infrastructure in and around the village is well-developed. For the residents’ convenience, nearby will be a supermarket and a kindergarten.

  • Quality

IT Village is a non-commercial project that aims to provide IT-professionals with high-quality housing at affordable prices.


IT Village living space consists of 5 projects of different types. Thus, you will be able to choose a home that suits you the best. Among the buildings are twin cottages and separate houses of different sizing and exteriority.

Regardless of sizes, all houses provide parking, adjoining territory, terraces, and balconies.

TYPE 1. 140.30sq.m. with the territory of 0.032 ha

1 / 2

TYPE 2. 186.50sq.m. house with the territory of 0.071 ha

1 / 2

TYPE 3. 240.60sq.m. house with the territory of 0.07-0.086 ha

1 / 3

TYPE 4. 240.60sq.m. house with the territory of 0.07-0.086 ha

1 / 2

TYPE 5. 349.40sq.m. house with the territory of 0.095 ha

1 / 3



Any IT employee may become a resident of IT Village. However, preference for purchasing a house in IT Village is given to employees of the Lviv IT Cluster member-companies.

You can make sure that your company is a member of Lviv IT Cluster here.


  • Choose a house type
  • Pay a membership fee
  • Choose a payment method and installment plan
  • Sign a contract
Ilona Palamar
Project Manager

«Do you have questions/suggestions or wish to contribute to the project? Please, contact me»