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Lviv IT Cluster Academy

A unique vocational education institution to train qualified tech specialists

About the project

Lviv IT Cluster Academy is a new project within which Lviv IT Cluster, together with IT specialists, will update the curricula in vocational schools. As soon as in September 2021, the first updated program for the profession of “Information Processing and Software Operator” will start at Lviv’s vocational school №29.

There are currently 19 vocational schools in Lviv with 8,362 students. The vocational school №29 is attended by students who begin studies after the 9th grade of regular school, gaining more practical knowledge for three years. They can continue their studies at the university or immediately start working in the profession. Lviv IT Cluster will update study programs related to the tech industry in such educational institutions.

Lviv IT Cluster has been engaged in systemic changes in education since 2016. Today, within our initiative, 15 updated bachelor’s programs are available at four universities in Lviv. We decided to use our experience of cooperation with IT companies and educational institutions to change the level of vocational education. We have started a workgroup of IT professionals, managers, and teachers whose task is to modernize the existing curriculum. We also aim to deepen cooperation between vocational education institutions and companies, involving students in practical classes and internships at tech companies in Lviv.

Project goals

  • to create an alternative study option for students who have chosen their major after the 9th grade of school, have the desire to study and work in the tech industry, and are ready to receive professional education at a vocational school
  • to change the perception of vocational education institution graduates
  • to increase the number of high-quality tech specialists
  • to increase the number of graduates ready to start working in the industry right after graduation from the vocational education institution


We strive to improve education at all levels, therefore, we invite vocational schools to join our project, so that we can help modernize IT-related programs:

  • We review and change the existing programs 
  • We introduce and license new programs
  • We involve tech experts in reviewing the curriculum and the teaching process itself
  • We implement dual learning
  • We provide students with the opportunity to do an internship at tech companies