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Lviv Tech Angels

Lviv Tech Angels – investment club, the first in Lviv foundation for support and development of startups.

about the project

Lviv Tech Angels is a community of investors who aim to boost a startup culture in Lviv and Ukraine. Tech Angels will invest in the development of startups and product companies, contributing to the expansion of the innovative ecosystem of Lviv and the development of the entire region as an attractive location for startups and business.


Lviv Tech Angels are going to create an Angel Investment culture in Lviv and develop the startup industry by creating a powerful community of investors who will support the best Ukrainian startup ideas on the regular basis.

Project objectives:

  • To disseminate knowledge about investing and investors in Ukraine
  • To acquire knowledge and experience at the international investment level
  • To support the country’s best startups through financing, mentoring, and consulting
  • To promote Ukraine as a country with favorable conditions for startup development
  • Development of startup culture in the western region

Strategic goals:

Lviv is the startup center of Ukraine

We strive to help tech innovators and business owners to succeed. To develop innovations and products within the country, to be competitive on the global innovation market, to promote the development of a new brand of Ukrainian startups – the main objective of the Lviv Tech Angels project. Lviv has every chance to become a startup center of Ukraine and Eastern Europe in the future.

Well-developed infrastructure for the startups’ growth

The startup industry needs accelerators and startup incubators, powerful mentoring programs for young entrepreneurs and investment funds and financial support for the implementation of innovative ideas. The Lviv Tech Angels project is the first step towards the development of a startup infrastructure in Lviv. In cooperation with other infrastructure and educational projects of the Lviv IT Cluster, after 3 years, Lviv will become attractive for the best entrepreneurs of the tech industry.

Mature culture of angel investment in Ukraine

Angel investment is a private investment for early-stage startups. This is one of the riskiest types of investment but at the same time the most profitable in case of success. The development of the angel investment culture is necessary for startup industry growth. Lviv Tech Angels are owners of IT companies, entrepreneurs who have experience in building their own businesses and a desire to help startups.

President of Lviv tech angels

Michael Puzrakov
COO and Co-Founder at Intellias

How to join LTA?

If you to become an angel investor and try to find a new tech star among Ukrainian startups, come join LTA

Benefits of joining Lviv Tech Angels:

  • Regular access to top Ukrainian startups
  • Chance to find your own unicorn
  • Being a jury at the main startup competition of the country – IT Arena Startup Competition
  • Support of Lviv Tech Angels lawyer in due diligence process
  • Regular networking with other investors

LTA is an exclusive club where you can get an outstanding experience and knowledge of angel investment in Ukraine

How to become a member?

Only trusted members can join LTA, that’s why:

  • entry priority given to Lviv IT Cluster members
  • 2 member’s votes needed for a new member to enter
  • each member has to pay yearly membership fee
  • each member has fixed lower funding limit per year to invest


How to apply for investments from LTA?

If you are a Ukrainian startup with the first customers and completed team, ready to get funding – follow the next few steps:

  • fill the application form 
  • received invite for a pitching session 
  • convince our investors that your project is going to be the next Ukrainian unicorn


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