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Lviv Tech

Lviv Tech offers a convenient B2B platform that combines the features of an online catalog and a marketplace.

About the project

The Lviv Tech platform provides an opportunity to search for companies that are part of an active IT community of Lviv. After registration on the platform, companies can contact directly to establish cooperation. The work areas of companies that have already registered on Lviv Tech cover all stages of product development, IT consulting, cloud technology development, web design services, and more. All companies on the Lviv Tech platform are Lviv IT Cluster members.

The aim of the project is to promote the Lviv tech industry in the international market, particularly small and middle-sized companies that have limited opportunities to promote themselves. The functionality of the platform provides a complete list of companies enabling to find partners in the area of interest among registered. All companies registered at the Lviv Tech platform are Lviv IT Cluster members.


  • Option to browse all companies and suppliers
  • Search for partners by field of activity, size, etc.
  • Connect with the chosen company or supplier in one click


  • The Lviv Tech project provides a number of benefits for companies, particularly, all Lviv IT Cluster members are given access to the platform and can create a company profile on a complimentary basis.
  • International companies receive a list of selected credible companies from Lviv that deliver the highest quality services and become reliable business partners.
  • Access to the IT Research report an annual survey of Lviv tech industry structure and dynamics, which includes detailed data on the direct and general economic impact of the IT industry in the city’s economy and allows interested businesses, partners, potential investors, IT companies of various sizes who are interested in growth and development in Lviv to navigate the IT market.
  • Platform for effective communication between registered companies.
  • Internal portal giving the opportunity to publish offers, share projects and read publications.