COVID-19 tests for the citizens
54 148
people were vaccinated
7,7 mln UAH

About the project

Lviv IT Cluster United for Health initiative was launched at the end of March 2020 as an immediate reaction to the pandemic situation that started in the whole world, Ukraine, and Lviv. The project was launched with a clear goal: to help Lviv and the region to fight against the pandemic through the population’s mass testing. In March 2020, there was a lack of SARS-CoV-2 tests in the country and the city; that’s why minimal testing was conducted.

The project united the forces of proactive IT companies in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Lviv and the region and became the first business community reaction to the new COVID-19 challenges.


The United for Health project’s mission encompassed support to the city and region in combating the spread of the pandemic due to close communication with the authorities and doctors. After consultation with immunologists and medical experts, Lviv IT Cluster decided to launch COVID-19 mass testing in Lviv and Lviv region, which was identified as the only way to obtain data and control the virus spread.


test232 995 express tests were purchased, and 29 845 people were tested in Lviv and the region. In particular, as part of the mass testing campaign, 100 journalists on the frontline were tested.


Lviv IT Cluster provided the medical staff of all PCR labs in Lviv with full-body PPE kits for work with pathogenic microorganisms of biosafety level 1-2. The kits were delivered to the Lviv Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Lviv IT Cluster also supported the insurance initiative for healthcare workers in Lviv and the region who contracted coronavirus. IT companies-members of the Lviv IT Cluster donated UAH 700,000 to the project, which was announced on April 28 by the Lviv Regional State Administration.

test3During the first week, Lviv IT Cluster raised about UAH 3 million among IT companies and purchased the first batch of express tests for COVID-19. Then the initiative was supported by numerous volunteers who generously donated their funds for the cause. In total, UAH 7,7 million was raised, and 41 member companies of Lviv IT Cluster supported the initiative.

frame-3In May 2021, thanks to close cooperation with the city authorities and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Lviv IT Cluster began the process of vaccination of the city’s IT specialists, creating the first vaccination center in Lviv. Within the initiative, 54,148 people were vaccinated (including 7,642 employees of IT companies that are members of the Cluster, 2,572 – their relatives and 43,934 people who registered through the Diia app).


United for Health initiative, which was launched at the end of March this year, united the forces of proactive IT companies in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Lviv and the region. Although the project is still ongoing, we summarize the achievements of the last few months, which showed the importance of community unity in difficult times.

To see the detailed report of the United for Health project download it below.




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