IT Future: Promoting IT in Schools

07 Jun, 2017

Lviv IT Cluster’s goal is to promote IT industry among the high school students, who are about to choose their future professions. That is the reason why the Cluster has started a project called IT Future last year. These are lectures and meetings about IT in schools, gymnasiums, and lyceums, where students can learn about opportunities and perspectives of working in IT, in the sphere which is developing rapidly in Lviv and Ukraine nowadays.

ya-5During the last three months, the IT Future presentations took place in 8 schools in Lviv and 30 schools in Lviv region:  Zolochiv, Brody, Rudky, Rava-Ruska, Busk, Velykyi Lubin, Zhovkva, Sokal and others.

I was positively impressed, that the schools in Lviv region have a very good technical equipment. Meanwhile, students in Lviv already know a lot about IT, the students from the region are eagerly learning new information and are excited to find out about future opportunities in IT– says Khrystyna Martynyak, Education Manager at Lviv IT Cluster.

Oleksandra Skorykh, Education Manager at Lviv IT Cluster adds: “The students from Lviv and the region are quite aware of information technologies. Some of them already know about Elon Musk, some of them already code and create their first programs. Also, I was surprised that the girls were interested in IT and they weren’t afraid to ask questions”.

ya-10The students had a chance to learn how big the IT industry in Lviv is, about the universities and educational programs they can choose to become IT professionals, what projects Ukrainian programmers are working on in Lviv, what professions exist in the IT sphere, perspective programming languages, etc.

Starting with the beginning of the new school year in September, Lviv IT Cluster plans to visit more than 40 schools in Lviv.