One Year on: How Was IT House Growing?

01 Nov, 2016

Recently we celebrated exactly one year since the construction site of IT House has been open. At that time last year, the first equipment has been brought to the site and construction workers started their hard work. In this period, IT House has grown to the 10th floor, and 69 IT employees have found their apartments in it. What the construction process was like? Read below.

IT House is easily visible from afar – a tall modern building with spacious balconies. The construction is still going on, but the most important things have already been completed: all floors are finished, along with a roof and an observation area – which offers a magnificent view of the High Castle. The work on the building façade is already in progress – it is expected that IT House will meet its first tenants already in spring.

According to Lviv IT Cluster CEO Stepan Veselovskyi, the construction of IT House is a very dynamic process, since everybody involved in the project realization feels responsible for the participants:

We have decided to make a comfortable accommodation for Lviv IT specialists, thats why we incorporated their suggestions into the filling of the house. In particular, it will have parking lots, meeting rooms, as well as rooms for kids. Speed – is one of the key components here. We don’t want people to be waiting for their apartments for years – that’s why the official opening of IT House will take place already in the first half of 2017” – comments Stepan Veselovskyi.

ІТ House one year ago

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Comfort – is the philosophy of this house. Before the construction work began, there was a special discussion held – people talked about what they don’t like in usual blocks of apartments and what they would like to see in their dream house.

This is how the idea to make the house specifically for employees of IT industry was born – for neighbors to have common interests, and the project to be a non-profit one. Step by step the image of a perfect accommodation was created. Everyone who contributed to concept development of IT House put fundamental for themselves things into it. For instance, Head of HR at N-iX Andriy Dvorchyn suggested installing noise insulation – to be protected from noisy neighbors. Business Analyst Mariya Boychuk insisted on wide balconies and general spaciousness of the house. Engineer at N-iX Anatoliy Dobrosynets would love not to hear elevators – that’s why a noiseless system will be installed. And a Software Engineer at SoftServe Andriy Frankiv suggested building a modernly equipped playground for kids.

The main idea of the house is the following: IT House tenants should be a community of like-minded people that would decide together on any changes done to the house.

IT House may not be finished yet, but this already works: those who purchased an apartment at the house have already met many times. Every Tuesday, they meet, for example, to discuss how to use free rooms.

ІТ House for now

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As we can see, in a year an entire house and a community of friends have grown at empty construction site. Already in spring we will be able to say: “We have achieved our goal and are ready for conquering new peaks!”