Working rhythm during the war. How Binariks supports the Armed Forces

02 May, 2022
The second month of the war is approaching, and Binariks want to tell how the war has changed working rhythm. With each day, the company has been changing its perception of the world, which made Binariks stronger and its efforts more coordinated.

Binariks began raising funds to help the 24th King Daniel Brigade before the war erupted. And after February 24, launched an internal fund, which raised 1,300,000 hryvnias. With these funds, Binariks bought generators, drones, helmets, bulletproof vests, medicines, walkie-talkies, etc.

The company also transferred money to volunteers and official foundations. Many of Binariks’ colleagues are actively in the Armed Forces by donating blood, part taking at cyber army, knitting nets, and so on. And some of the employees are now defending the country with weapons in their hands. Binariks has fully provided these people with everything they need and trying to stay in touch with them to help them and their fellow defenders.

Binariks truly thank every employee for their input and willingness to be helpful! Every day they do their best to help the Armed Forces and our country. Here are some of the  Binariks’ employees’ stories.

Financial support

I support the company’s fund with money that helps with purchases for the Armed Forces. I also collect medication and money for drones (quadcopters) which are used for air reconnaissance. These helpers are flying forward and saving the lives of our defenders! A single drone can make a huge difference in reconnaissance and save lives of our guys on the front line.

Helping and supporting volunteer organizations

I usually help different people and organizations through volunteer headquarters, chat rooms or “Plast“. I also helped find and purchase ammunition. Mostly, I gather money and do various kinds of purchases. I am also an active member of our IT Army. I think that good deeds should be shared so that others can be inspired, and the effect will be greater. There are a lot of great stories of volunteers among our staff but people don’t talk about them. We have a joke that if you’re worried, you should send money to the army, works better than any sedative. “It doesn’t matter how old your sneakers are if you’re walking in peaceful Ukraine.”

Any kind of help is important

I do not call myself a volunteer. I just make my minimum contribution to a good cause whenever possible. I am currently trying to help the Animal Welfare Organization. Now they are collecting and sending food to various shelters in Ukraine. We’ve also organized headquarters for migratory animals. I decided to write to my friends at Binariks, and they immediately sent money. In the end, I couldn’t fit everything I’ve bought in my car’s trunk.

It’s never too late to become a volunteer

I did not volunteer before, but now I am immersed in it, I help our foundation in finding bulletproof vests and ammunition. I also help with the logistics of provisions and medicationin combat zones. It’s great to see so many people come together for one goal and work as one mechanism. In my free time, I help our cyber army. I try transfer a larger percentage of earnings to support the army.

Also, after the start of the war, Binariks received many messages of support from customers. All of them share Binariks’ position and support Ukraine not only morally, informationally, but also financially. In particular, clients have donated more than 50,000 euros to support Ukraine.

Binariks understand that the IT industry today is one of the largest sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Therefore, Binariks continues to work at full speed and actively volunteer. The main task today is to support the economic front of Ukraine and provide the rear as much as possible. So, Binariks continue to work on our common victory and are proud of the Ukrainians.