The construction of the IT House has started!

02 Nov, 2015

The construction of the first house for IT-people – IT House – officially started on October 31st on Studynskogo street. Both, project launchers and future residents, visited the opening ceremony.

The ceremony opened with ground consecration and a prayer. The mayor – Andriy Sadoviy – visited the ceremony as well. He congratulated all the participants with a successful start and added that “he is always ready to support great ideas like this one, and be even more useful for the community of Lviv IT-people”.

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After the congratulating speech the participants buried a time capsule. It contains a flash-drive with the information about the development of this project and a letter to the future IT-people, and StepanVeselovskiy even read it out.

IT House is a unique and nonprofit project, so the apartments will be sold at cost value. (The price is $555 per sq.m). The actual project is being implemented las a housing cooperative. All those who want to purchase an apartment become members of the Co-op, and pay installments while the building is being under construction.

The Building will have big balconies for rest areas (7 sq.m). There will also be a server room, meeting room, children room, bicycle parking, underground parking, terrace (on the roof), high-speed internet. More than that, the building is constructed in a way which makes it possible to get away from gas with time and switch to alternative energy sources.

Fun fact: IT House will have strict rules regulating additional construction, balcony classing and other changes of the facade, which will be set by the residents themselves.

As stated by the director of Lviv IT cluster StepanVeselovskiy: “The quality and comfort of the housing is our top priority. Construction quality, apartment planning, materials, those of windows and doors specifically, will be significantly higher compared to what the market offers now”.

The purpose of the project is to show how loyal it is to IT-people, and there are around 15,000 of them in this city. Of course, 72 apartments in this building will not solve accommodation problem, but that’s the first “brick” in the foundation of Lviv as an IT city. The project shows how loyal Lviv is to those working in the IT industry.

It’s been two years since the idea of building such a house to the implementation. The actual construction of the IT House is supposed to be finished in 18 months, which is in 2017.

Cluster does not plan to stop on building of house for IT-people and will launch new projects shortly. It will not be hard, since there will be support from the city itself. As mentioned prior, during the Lviv IT Arena 2015, the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadoviy promised to provide 10 hectares of land to Cluster and Lviv IT-people for new project implementation!

You can see the video from the event HERE.