Mentors Needed for AI Degree Program

19 Feb, 2018

Lviv IT Cluster is looking for 25 mentors for students of the innovative program in “Artificial Intelligence”. Experts from IT companies would help students to get more practical skills and prepare them for work after graduation.

There are 456 students studying on 5 innovative programs launched by Lviv IT Cluster together with IT experts. In spring semester which will start on March 5, students will work on their own projects within the course “Teamwork”. For the course, students will be divided into teams (4-6 students per one team).

To work more effectively, students will need a help from experienced IT specialists. Mentors should be able to spend only 1-2 hours per week to help support students. Becoming a mentor, you can decide how to communicate with students – by organizing meetings or video calls, etc. In the end of the semester, student’s teams need to prepare the MVP level projects, which they will later present in front of a special jury.

As a mentor, you would also be able to grade students during the semester, which will influence the general grade for the Teamwork course.

There are 25 mentors needed for the program in Artificial Intelligence. Students have already started to work on projects last year without mentors. Among the projects – AI and IoT projects, chatbots, web development, and mobile apps.

If you want to contribute and become a mentor or you have additional questions about mentorship, please contact our Education Manager Volodymyr Sukhyi via or +38-063-84-62-375.

To become a mentor, you need to apply until February, 23.

Don’t miss an opportunity to impact young talents who will be the future of IT industry.

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