Smart Opportunities for Students: IT Competition

06 Apr, 2016

Youth wants to have interesting jobs, high salaries, and international business trips. IT education makes it possible. This industry is getting more popular, and Lviv IT Cluster team is working on its promotion among students. Lviv CSIT competition is one of these projects; this is a contest for the students in IT where the winners do not only get scholarships, but the computer lab for their school.

Lviv CSIT is a project to attract talented students to the world of IT. There, they can test their skills and get valuable experience and motivation to explore this area further. For example, last year’s winners are going to work in IT and want to get an education in the field. This way, more young people know and think about a career in IT, thus, increasing the potential of the local IT market.

This is already a third year we organize the competition. City Hall and Lviv Polytechnic University are the other co-organizers. The final round will take place on April, 16. The competition has three stages, two of which have already happened; those were the online tests for the participants. The finalists will meet at Lviv Polytechnic University where they will present their IT products. Both experienced teachers and professionals who work in IT companies will evaluate the projects.^147A8C065DD96DDE102025381350997F84B25BBCC0C3FA8549^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr“When our students win at the competition, it is a big plus, and a hope for the entire city,” says Andriy Sadovyi, Lviv Mayor. He is positive: the city needs a lot of smart people, and for this, the schools need a good education level.”It’s nice that IT shows good dynamics in Lviv. An example is young boys and girls who participate and win in the competition. Now, we have to think about Lviv in 5-10 years. There are no other ways to be successful than be educated,” continues Mayor.

“Lviv is a city with well-developed IT sector, but young people do not have a clear idea what IT is,” says co-organizer of the event, Professor at Lviv Polytechnic University Nataliya Shakhovska. Therefore, the contest is a good opportunity to show the students what it means to be a programmer.

“Youth has got more interested in IT based on the increasing number of contest participants. The main thing that the quality of the products is growing every year,” says Nataliya. She adds: “Youth is motivated by the competition effect, the opportunity to show themselves, and the prizes they can get.”

Lviv IT Cluster gives scholarship to the winners, and computer lab for the school. Other participants will also receive gifts from Cluster members. Award ceremony will take place in May in the City Council. “Lviv IT Cluster pays a lot of attention to IT education because it is the future. Ukraine has the largest IT market in Europe in terms of human capital, and we must take advantage of this potential, and teach more young professionals,” says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster.^C6F0A21CDE658C67B4DE2CF5E960E36E3395C83AF49D86279A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

IT Future and IT Expert are Cluster’s projects to promote IT among students. IT Future is a meeting between high school students and IT professionals; IT Expert is a series of specialized lectures for students of technical specialties, and motivational meetings with industry leaders. Young people can meet with people who know the sphere from the inside, and ask for advice about their future in IT. Additionally, Lviv IT Cluster partner, LITS, trains IT professionals in four different spheres. This school is great for switchers who decided to change the profession and try out a new field in a short time.

For those seeking quality Bachelor IT education, we recommend Computer Science Program at Catholic University, and a new program on Internet of Things at Lviv Polytechnic University. The latter starts this year where students will study one of the most popular IT trends of the world. Both programs are launched with the help of Lviv IT Cluster and its members, and they prepare the Bachelors with strong practical skills, so they can easily adapt to working in IT companies.

The more young people get involved in IT, the greater the potential of the city and the development of the IT industry. Lviv CSIT is a great example thanks to which the students learn about IT and choose valuable education for themselves. Remember the final will take place very soon, on April 16, and in May, the winners will get the prizes for themselves and for their schools.