SoftServe Completed 16 Volunteer Projects in 2021

08 Dec, 2021

They include solutions for COVID-19 fight, nutrition reform.

To celebrate International Volunteer Day, SoftServe, one of the key employers in Ukraine, sums up pro bono projects that associates had done for different local, national and cross-country organizations. Corporate volunteering and charity is one of the company’s CSR business strategy directions. SoftServe has been actively promoting this area for the last 7 years by engaging employees to do good.

In March 2021 the company launched the charity crowdsourcing platform OpenTech. This project is initiated and created by SoftServe employees willing to contribute their time, skills and knowledge for the benefit of society. Any non-commercial, cultural, or government organization can contact OpenTech and request a free technological solution that is addressing acute social problems. Platform’s partners include the Ministry of health of Ukraine, UNICEF Ukraine, Rakuten Viber, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Ukraїner, Plast, No Waste Ukraine and others.

As of the end of 2021, OpenTech volunteers successfully developed 16 digital solutions. For example, “Grains of truth” fundraising platform to collect contributions for the Holodomor Museum, an online platform Fight Covid-19 to establish and coordinate hospitals and donors in the Lviv region. Also, a mobile app for traveling around Ukraine is being developed. During this year volunteers were working on solutions that helped in reforms, COVID-19 fight, supported cultural and historical heritage, and served to cope with actual challenges.

for-fb12-07We in the company how important it is to support social initiatives and qualitatively develop qualitative communities where we live and work. It includes both local projects and reforms in the country. Many people in SoftServe are willing to make difference. The company creates all conditions for them, so they can realize their ideas for the public good. We are very delighted to contribute to the important changes by developing technologies”, says Senior Vice President and co-founder of OpenTech project Dmytro Ivanov.

OpenTech projects are developed by SoftServe employees and IT Academy students. Now the platform gathers more than 220 volunteers including developers, architects, business analysts, designers, project managers.

A few releases are coming. It’s planned that an updated Youth Well-Being platform (UNFPA), a platform supporting school nutrition reform (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, UNICEF Ukraine), and a technical solution for volunteers organization helping low-income people with food will be released in the nearest future. At least 13 projects are scheduled for the next year.

OpenTech has been acknowledged on the international level – the project won Corporate Engagement Awards for the Best pro bono work for a charitable, social or ethical cause. Also, it became a finalist in the Partnership for Sustainability Award 2021 in the “People” nomination.