SoftServe contributed to the launch of e-medicine program in Lviv!

22 Feb, 2016

Lviv – is one of the pilot cities after Kiev, where the system of e-medicine is being implemented in the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region . In terms of this program, initiated by the city’s director of innovations Janika Merylo, the computerization of the institution has been officially launched today. IT company SoftServe supported the initiative, by supplying the hospital with computers with licensed software.

“Oddly enough, in the health sector the Ministry of Defence is piloting with important innovations. The Ministry was the first to support large-scale governmental e-medicine solution. At present, in Kiev and Mariupol hospitals an electronic patient’s card has already been implemented, using which you can remotely view the medical history, diagnoses and test results. I am very happy that Lviv – is one of the first cities to implement such e-medicine solutions. Today, with the support of such companies as SoftServe and Eleks we started with launching electronic patient chart in the Lviv hospital and then – we will proceed with telemedicine solution. We appreciate that our IT companies support us in implementing of these vital reforms”, – claims director of innovation in Lviv Janika Merylo.

“Nowadays, our country is going through difficult times and in these tough conditions, SoftServe has made a commitment to support such initiatives, – says executive vice president at SoftServe Oleh Denys. By joining our forces, we started equipping the surgical department of the hospital with the computers in our city and connecting them to the common network, which will ease the work of the medical staff and make it more convenient. For this matter, our company has already passed the hospital 10 personal computers with licensed software. This is just the start of our cooperation in the project of e-medicine.”

It is important to note that this is not the first cooperation between SoftServe and Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region. Last July, in the hospital was built the first in the Western Ukraine cabinet for water stretching of the spine. The project, with total cost of more than $ 75 000, was fully funded by the charity fund “Open Eyes”. The charity fund receives regular donations from the employees of the company as well as from the company itself.

IT-company Eleks also took part in the project realization by installing software “Dr. Eleks” on the desktops of the medical staff.