SoftServe Opens New Office Spaces in 4 Cities in Ukraine: Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Uzhhorod, and Odesa

01 Dec, 2021

SoftServe is expanding its presence and opening new office spaces in four cities — Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Uzhhorod, and Odesa. They are available for 250 people working in these regions as well as other employees.

The coworking in Vinnytsia where SoftServe has around 50 employees is already fully operating. Odesa is the next — office space there will open on December 1st. Coworking in Uzhhorod is planned for December, 17th. Currently, specialists are connecting coworking in Khmelnytskyi to the corporate networks. The opening in Khmelnytskyi is scheduled for January.

It took around 3-5 months to find those locations because the corona crisis had caused a lack of propositions in the housing market and a massive changeover to the online format.

«We began preparations at summer. As the number of remote specialists was increasing, we got more and more requests for spaces where people could work together and eventually hang out offline. That’s why we decided to develop our office infrastructure. It is also important for sustaining the level of engagement, further company growth in the regions and local IT communities’ promotion”, says Anastasia Frolova, Talent Operations DC Director at SoftServe.

Four spaces are designed for 100 workplaces in total. They will function as coworking because of the pandemic. It means that employees don’t have reserved seats, instead, they can book one if needed. The company plans to continue working in a hybrid format when everyone can choose where to work — at home or in the office, and combine both formats.

With the improvement in the epidemiological situation, SoftServe will hold corporate events to exchange expertise. The company also plans to contribute to the development of local IT communities and support educational institutions. Thus, IT Academy already has a unit in Uzhhorod and the company works with Uzhhorod and Khmelnytskyi national universities.

Next year SoftServe plans to grow by 350 employees in Odesa, Uzhhorod, Khmelnytskyi, and Vinnytsia. The company launched the program for the recruitment of IT specialists at new locations and already hired 500 remote specialists. As for now, SoftServe community consists of more than 10,000 specialists all over Ukraine, in particular, 50 people in Ternopil, Zaporizhzhia, Lutsk, Kherson and Mykolaiv, and 500 in Chernivtsi.