SoftServe Has Developed a Platform to Promote Teaching in Ukrainian in Eastern and Southern Ukraine

11 Nov, 2021
IT company SoftServe developed a web resource to promote lessons in Ukrainian language among teachers of after-school activities. The platform was created in cooperation with NGO “Teach in Ukrainian”.

It helps teachers to learn about the initiative “Teach in Ukrainian” and its activities such as language marathons and challenges in which participants practice Ukrainian and professional vocabulary. In the past year, morе than 2000 teachers have taken part in challenges and another 1000 started training this November.

The website also offers a list of Ukrainian-speaking clubs and groups such as dance studios, music schools, sports clubs. As for now, there are more than 400 sites in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, and Dnipro. The list keeps growing and will include other cities.

“Teachers are often afraid of switching to Ukrainian because they don’t feel confident. We are very happy that such a great initiative “Teach in Ukrainian” can help them while the students of our IT Academy and SoftServe specialists have technically supported the project and developed a website for it. Ukrainians already can find information about Ukrainian-speaking clubs, join language marathons and challenges”, says Senior Mentor of SoftServe IT Academy Igor Kohut.

“According to our information, in 2020 only 16% after-school classes were taught exclusively in Ukrainian in Kyiv and 8% in Kharkiv. Many people want to teach in Ukrainian, but they are afraid to move on because they lack support from colleagues. That is why we launched NGO “Teach in Ukrainian” and we’re glad that conscious business and the state, particularly the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the State Language Protection Commissioner, supported us”, says the NGO’s co-founder, Natalka Fedechko.

for-fb2021-11-11-4-softMore functions for the website are coming. Now volunteers are working on the news section, improving configurations and functionality for marathons and challenges.

Digital solutions for “Teach in Ukrainian” are a part of the IT Academy training project that has been developed by students and SoftServe specialists within Open Tech. It is a platform that involves the company’s experts in voluntary work for charity projects. It has already done 13 projects for NGOs and charity organizations.