SoftServe Announces the Construction of Creative Office Campus

SoftServe plans to create a campus in Lviv that will contain several infrastructure facilities and office buildings.

The future office quarter of SoftServe, one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine – will be located on St. John Paul II Avenue (formerly Khutorivka Street). LLC “Development Engineering Service” became the winner of a public auction organized by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to buy the land of almost 10 hectares that formerly belonged to Penal Facility No.48. The development company is a part of the SoftServe group. The property will be purchased for UAH 377.5 million.

“The sale of the former Colony No. 48 was the first deal within the “Great Sale of Prisons,” a joint project of the Ministry of Justice and the State Property Fund. We managed to sell the property of only one prison for more than UAH 400 million – three times higher than the starting price. We expect that the next auctions will be no less successful, and in parallel, we are preparing new infrastructure objects of the penitentiary system for privatization. The proceeds will be distributed on the principle of 30/70: 30% will be transferred to the state budget, and 70% will be reinvested in the reconstruction of existing penitentiary infrastructure objects. We aim to construct the new prisons that meet European standards,” Ukrainian Justice Minister Denys Maliuska said.

“The privatization of penitentiary objects is a project about freedom. The territories are exempted from non-functional objects, transformed from unproductive assets into productive ones. Now the whole district in Lviv will get a new life and impact the development of the territory. And it means new jobs and taxes. In general, we plan to put the property of 35 penitentiary objects at the auctions. The state spends hundreds of millions annually on the maintenance of such facilities. We expect that in 2021, 1 billion will be received from this program to the state budget. Next in line is the Southern Colony in Odesa, the privatization of which is to take place on June 25,” comments Dmytro Sennychenko, Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

SoftServe has previously started to work on the idea of an office campus in collaboration with a leading European architectural bureau. The campus intends to unite some of Lviv’s offices and objects necessary for work, recreation, talent development, and various events. According to the project’s initiators, in addition to the concentration of tech talents and creative space for work, the SoftServe campus will also become an iconic futuristic object in Lviv.

During recent years SoftServe invests a lot in strategic global company development. At the same time, today Lviv is our biggest development center that brings together more than 4000 people. It is here, where SoftServe was born, where our European HQ is located and a big part of our history belongs. Therefore, we considered an opportunity of creating a single space for our employees. SoftServe office campus will become the creative center of our city and a model of offices of the future”, comments Oleg Denys, co-founder, and member of the Board of Directors of SoftServe.

“This is one of the best news we’ve gotten this week. Everyone was worried because mostly the construction companies were bidders at the auction. But I am glad that this company has submitted the best price offer. I know the ambitions of SoftServe, which wants to create a new space with a school, a kindergarten, sports infrastructure, and office buildings. The project will be constructed after the international architectural competition. As a result, this area will gain a new form giving a new meaning for this district and the whole city”, comments Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

“Last year, 43 penitentiary objects were privatized in the Lviv region during the public auctions. The revenue plan from privatization for this year in the region is more than  700 million (while revenue in 2020 amounted to 141.3 million, in 2019 – 69 million). Privatization is the only way out for such objects. The state will receive revenues to the budget and revitalize the economy; the Ministry of Justice will get the funds to construct new high-quality objects; local communities – development of the city district and new jobs. I welcome SoftServe’s initiative to build a creative office campus on the territory of Lviv Penal Colony No. 48,” said Maksym Kozytsky, Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

SoftServe’s team already reaches 10,000 people, about 4,000 work in Lviv. The city also houses more than ten company offices, including SoftServe’s Head Quarter.

The company plans to start working on the project next year. According to preliminary estimates, its implementation will last 5-6 years.