KindGeek became a member of Lviv IT Cluster!

19 Jul, 2016

KindGeek is a company of ambitious technology professionals. The main idea of the company is really simple – to help smart people, entrepreneurs, and companies with technology aspects of their projects. KindGeek gives them the opportunity to focus on the business while they do what they do best – amazing software development. KindGeek is friends of startups, small and medium businesses.

Customer`s location is wide – United States, Europe, Asia, South Africa. KindGeek was founded in February 2015, based on four principles which we practice every day: trust, transparency, a sense of beauty and social responsibility. KindGeek is a people oriented company. The company believes that the only way to achieve outstanding results is to do the right things with the right people.

“KindGeek and Lviv IT Cluster are united by common values and by dreams about great future and by actions  that change the world here and now. Our mission and goal is to transform Lviv and Ukraine and Ukrainians systematically and positively. And to attract potential of Ukrainians to constant innovations. We expect that the applying to Lviv IT Cluster will help our company to influence on society effectively and create a long-term strategy for building a common changes platform for people who are dedicated to the great and positive purpose” – added CEO of KindGeek Anton Skrypnyk.