Startokay Joins Lviv IT Cluster

30 May, 2018

Startokay is a web-development and consulting company, with the main focus on developing startups in different stages. Also, the company is working on their own product – marketing automation and analytics platform.

Startokay’s team consists of people who are ready to rethink existing solutions and approaches, people who have a thirst for learning, critical thinking and the desire to solve non-standard tasks.

The company supports a comprehensive approach in development. Therefore, Startokay uses analysis of input metrics and indicators, user behavior, creates user journey mapping, to understand how various systems can be improved.


Startokay uses the following technologies:

  • GoLang, Python, PHP, JS/TypeScript
  • Clickhouse, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Graphite, Redis, Apache Kafka
  • Angular, Laravel, Django
  • inspiration:)
Andriy Vytvytskyi, CEO, Startokay:
“We are glad to join the Lviv IT Cluster, because this community is doing a lot for Lviv’s IT industry, and we are impressed by their infrastructure and education initiatives. We want to develop the community of professionals in our city, so we are sure that we сan bring something new to this community and will join future projects”.

Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO Lviv IT Cluster added, that joining the Cluster reinforces Startokay’s commitment to transforming Lviv into the real city of tomorrow, with plenty of opportunities, projects, and top-notch events.

More details about the company: