IT Research 4.0 Starts Today

05 Aug, 2019

For the fourth time, Lviv IT Cluster together with the sociological agency Fama, will conduct complex research of the Lviv IT industry. Experts will find out the impact of the IT industry on the economic development of the city and the region and outline a portrait of Lviv IT professionals.

During IT Research 4.0 sociologists will determine the contribution of the IT industry to the economy of Lviv and the region: gross value added, turnover of industry, the number of the created workplaces, etc. For quality calculations, it is crucial to involve as many industry specialists as possible in the survey.

Within the research, sociologists plan to interview 1000 IT specialists from Lviv. The survey is confidential, and the data will be used only for analytical purposes. The first stage of the survey will last until August 31. The results of IT Research 4.0 will be available on the Lviv IT Cluster website.

You can join the survey by filling out the form.

Here are some of the most interesting facts from IT Research 3.0:

  • compared to 2017, in 2018, the number of IT companies increased by 28%,
  • the number of IT specialists in Lviv has increased by 25%,
  • more than 20,000 IT professionals are working in the city,
  • a monthly income of one IT specialist equals $1880 on average,
  • 63,000 workplaces were created in 2018,
  • in 2017 the maximum turnover of Lviv IT industry was $618 million, and the overall economic impact of the industry was $919 million.

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