Stepan Veselovskyi in Ukraine’s TOP 30 under 30

06 Dec, 2017

Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster, was recognized in Ukraine’s TOP 30 under 30 list by KyivPost. The list includes activists, athletes, politicians, volunteers, soldiers, entrepreneurs and journalists who made a significant contribution in different spheres.

The award was founded last year, as KyivPost wanted to celebrate 30 young Ukrainians, who are successful in different fields – education, business, medicine, science, military and public sectors, etc. Everyone from the 30 nominees are the people with unique experience and the big motivation for changes.

Stepan Veselovskyi says his goal is to make Ukraine a better place for young people to live in, and he’s going to do that by developing Ukraine’s tech market. – writes KyivPost. He has spent four years building the biggest local IT community in Ukraine, and launched a tech conference that brings specialists from tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter to Ukraine.

He says he chose IT because it is an industry that “favors the development of free spirits. There are no boring meetings, Soviet approaches to management, and strict nine-to-five working hours,Stepan Veselovskyi told the Kyiv Post. A free atmosphere bonds people in this industry, not strict, outdated rules.” This atmosphere of freedom, combined with a good education, is what helps people succeed, Veselovskyi says. To help improve Ukraine’s tech education, Lviv IT Cluster has started a project aimed at launching new degree programs at technical universities around the city”.

Among the other successful Ukrainians – founder of “Dostupno.UA” initiative and fighter for accessibility of cities and business for the disabled people Dmytro Schebetyuk; founder of the most successful Ukrainian startup Petcube Yaroslav Azhnyuk; founder of UAnimals initiative Oleksandr Todorchuk; film director Liza Smith who’s “School №3” movie about the Donbass teenagers got Grand Prix at Berlinale; veteran and businessman, who founded social cafes and pizzerias of Veterano Family chain, which hires ex-soldiers Bogdan Chaban; Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Nataliya Boiko; co-founder of EdEra online platform Illia Filipov; first professional model on wheelchair Oleksandra Kutas and others.

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