Stepan Veselovskyi shared his experience in Palo Alto!

17 Mar, 2016

Palo Alto, California – On March 11, Stepan Veselovskyi met with  a local IT community. The audience consisted mostly  of Ukrainian diaspora. Among the participants were representatives of such companies as Facebook and Microsoft. The meeting was organized by Ostap Korkuna, software engineer at Facebook, and Nova Ukraine.

Lviv IT Cluster CEO began his speech with a brief introduction to a current state of Ukrainian IT industry and shared some data. The participants had the opportunity to hear about the activities of the Cluster and its main goals. Stepan  told how, with the help of various projects, community could solve problems of IT professionals in the city.

CEO started with a description of IT House, a project which aims to create a modern and comfortable dwelling for IT specialists. To strengthen his points, Stepan used the data from Lviv IT Research, a solid report on entire IT market in the city. Thus, the audience had the opportunity to learn about the business climate in Ukraine. Also, Stepan mentioned the number of outsourcing and product companies,  and the potential of the human capital.

Guests also heard about the Cluster educational initiatives such as IT Expert and IT Future. Despite that fact that change and modernization of educational programs is a very complicated process,  Stepan shared some good news; he spoke about the implementation of Computer Science program at Ukrainian Catholic University.However, an idea  to modernize the course Internet of Things in Lviv University impressed the participants the most.


Last, but not the least, Stepan described an important project called Lviv IT Arena. Ostap Korkuna was a speaker during Lviv IT Arena 2015, so he also had some interesting information to share.

After one-hour presentation, the participants were very active and started a live discussion.They finished their evening with a productive networking. Participants discovered interesting facts about the life of Lviv IT professionals, market potential, local IT companies as well as Lviv IT Cluster activities  and projects.