StrategEast Names Lviv IT Cluster Main Hub for IT Development in Ukraine

16 May, 2018

According to the American strategic center StrategEast, Ukraine is ranked 6th in the Westernization Index 2018 among the Eastern European countries. Lviv IT Cluster was named the main organization which contributes to the development of the IT industry in the country.

The main focus of StrategEast is learning more about the post-Soviet countries outside Russia. Recently the organization has published the research dedicated to IT industry in this region “Changing economy. Changing society. IT industry in post-soviet countries”. The research is focused on 14 ex-USSR countries and contains the information about their economic development and IT.

Moreover, StrategEast provides its own rating Westernization Index 2018 to discover how post-Soviet countries integrate into political and economic systems of the Western world. In the 2018 index, Ukraine comes 6th, with 54 overall points out of 100. Estonia is ranked the first, followed by such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Moldova, etc.

Ukraine is described as one of the biggest countries in the Eastern European region with 116 thousand IT specialists and potential to double this number by 242 thousand in 2025. According to the research, these are the top 5 IT specializations in Ukraine: Software Engineering, Testing, Test Automation, Application Support, and Architecture.

StrategEast describes Ukraine as a country which develops without the state’s involvement: “A conceptual difference between Ukraine and the majority of post-Soviet states is that the state is barely involved in the development of the national IT industry. Even those few incentives that were introduced to promote the industry growth have been subsequently revoked.” In the same time, the IT industry is being actively promoted by local initiatives. “In particular, the hub of IT development in Ukraine is the Lviv IT Cluster, a community of leading information technology companies, which, together with universities and local authorities, improve and develop IT throughout the city. This group took a lead to conduct systematic changes in the business environment of the city and the country,” the research continues.

IT Arena, a major tech conference, taking place in Lviv annually since 2014 was recognized as the main Lviv IT Custer’s project.

Find more details about Ukraine and IT in post-Soviet countries here.

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