Symphony Solutions Joins Lviv IT Cluster

30 Nov, 2018

We are glad to announce that Symphony Solutions joins Lviv IT cluster community. Company’s representatives participated in developing of the Strategy for Competitiveness Increase of Lviv, which became the platform of the developing business clusters in the city.

Valentina Synenka, CMO at Symphony Solutions says: Symphony Solutions will have its 10th anniversary in Lviv, which is a milestone we plan to celebrate in January. Not only have we achieved great business results, opened 4 delivery offices and grown to 550 people, but also created a unique culture, which is the central driver of our organization and one of our main achievements. We are looking forward to sharing experiences and working closely together with other members of IT cluster”.

One of the driving factors at Symphony Solutions is Agile transformation, which goes beyond software development methodology, having adopted the agile style of operating through all functions including HR, Marketing, Finance, Leadership Team and Administration. Symphony’s commitment to Agile has gained recognition among technology publications and sources as well as among local colleagues. The dedicated Agile office trains not only our employees and people from local IT community but often clients, who witness the benefits of Agile and seek to improve and extend their own agile capabilities.

Symphony is a culture-driven company that strives to make everyone feel valued. Its open, welcoming spirit and Dutch village interior create feelings of freedom of mind and freedom with each other. Gender balance is also one of the key differentiators. This attitude is reflected throughout the company with even The Leadership Team currently being 52% women. Symphony doesn’t work with dedicated new business sales force, all new clients come from our own network or referrals from the existing clients. Perhaps, that is why Symphony has never lost a customer.

About Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a digital transformation company headquartered in The Netherlands, with delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, and Macedonia. Symphony provides Western European and North American clients with high-quality IT, BPO, and Consultancy services.