Telecom Development of Lviv Engineers Won the RDK Hackathon 2021

10 Dec, 2021
The solution for VoIP (Voice over IP) integration into the RDK-B (Reference Design Kit for Broadband) software, made by the Lviv team from GlobalLogic, won the RDK 2021 Hackathon.

The new technology introduces a standardized approach to making phone calls through RDK-B-based home routers and allows you to use broadband Internet access channels instead of mobile networks. The solution is based on Asterisk – an open-source framework for IP telephony. Users can connect multiple VoIP phones to the router and create an office or home infrastructure for internal calls. At the same time, the external IP telephony provider number can be the same for all devices, and due to the ability to prioritize traffic on the provider’s side, better communication quality can be achieved than in modern VoIP applications for smartphones.

This is the second annual hackathon organized by the RDK community. It esteems the teams with deep expertise in RDK-based software for home routers, media players and IoT devices. In 2021, 38 teams from around the world took part in the hackathon. The judges of the competition were architects and technical leaders from various companies that are members of the community.

“This award is a recognition of our experience and expertise in the field of telecommunications. For many years, we have been helping a variety of companies, from network chip makers to large ISPs, develop software solutions based on RDK-B, OpenWrt/prpl, and proprietary stacks to meet the current needs of users. As a member of the RDK open-source community, GlobalLogic will help other member companies implement RDK-B software in their fields and share their knowledge and experience,” – said Bohdan Bogush, Lead Engineer and Leader of the Ukrainian GlobalLogic Team at the Hackathon.

The VoIP solution is to be a part of the RDK demo-set for Broadband devices (Reference Design Kit for Broadband).