Thinking Future with Technology

31 Mar, 2016

We are actively involved in the organization of Lviv IT Arena, the biggest and best IT event in Ukraine. This year, we aim to attract more professionals from the other parts of Europe, and have prepared some amazing features to make the event even better. See you at Lviv IT Arena from September 30 to October 2.

Technology matters, and we at Lviv IT Arena do not imagine the modern world without it. Technology stream will focus on tomorrow, the new tools and current practices, and the challenges with world-changing technologies.

“What will be that secret sauce that makes impossible – possible? The speakers are going to dwell on these topics and look for advanced solutions,” says Michael Kramarenko, CSO of V.I.Tech who heads the Technology Stream. It will have two substreams covering the widest range of themes from the existing tech to upcoming tendencies.[1] 12 1920

“The first direction is on Innovations; it is a discussion platform for IT professionals on variety of hot topics such as data science and artificial intelligence,” explains Michael. Among others, he mentions mobile and wearables, large scale systems, social networks and network-centric organizations. This substream will also cover bioinformatics, smart robotics, autonomous vehicles, and Internet of Things.

“The other substream, Hands-On, is a series of workshops and bootcamps to get a practical close-up on the topics above where people can try building a small piece of bright shining future,” continue Michael. This direction will provide the participants with the updates on the latest tendencies and prognosis of the trends to watch in the nearby future.

“This stream will have some great presentations on what and how to program in the future,” says Dima Maleev, Lviv Code school director who coorganizes the stream. “Hands-On will be more interesting to technical people since they will learn something they can use in their work now,” he adds. Innovations, on the other hand, will appeal to all participants who want to know the prognosis for the future IT.[1] 10 1920

“We have already invited some of the prominent IT professionals such as Greg Young, the creator of pattern CQRS, an Aaron Erickson of ThoughtWorks who wrote the book The Nomadic Developer,” says Dima. “We want people to be like “So, this is how it’s done” after our stream. This is how we know we are successful,” he concludes.

We are very excited about Technology Stream which promises to be extremely interesting for the tech people; and we hope you are as excited, too. So let’s wait till September and meet you at Lviv IT Arena! Hurry up to get the tickets!