Third Week of Mass Testing for COVID-19: Key Numbers

17 Apr, 2020

For the third week in a row, residents have been tested for COVID-19 in Lviv and Lviv region.

Within the frames of the Lviv IT Cluster’s emergency project United for Health, the testing of residents of Lviv and Lviv region continues. For the third week in a row, regional and city administrations have been testing the high-risk groups of people, i.e., those who returned from foreign countries or were in contact with infected individuals, doctors, as well as those who have symptoms. Next week, Lviv IT Cluster, in cooperation with Riel, are launching the testing of journalists who have been active in the time of emergency and are at risk for infection.

864 people were tested in Lviv region this week. Tests revealed 2 suspected coronavirus cases. The individuals will be checked using PCR tests afterward. In total, 9364 people in Lviv region were tested for COVID-19, of which 14 were positive.

In Lviv, 2500 people were tested this week, and 37 tests were found to be positive. The individuals will be checked using PCR tests afterward. Overall, the number of people who were tested was 8000, of which 91 were positive.

As a reminder, you can contribute to the United for Health initiative and help us purchase the tests for our city and region and get a test for you.