10 New Stores Joined IT Club

29 Jun, 2017

The number of IT Club members is growig. This time we’ve collected for you in one list 10 shops where you can find different things starting from shoes, wine and accessories or bicycles and sports cloth. All this products you can buy with the special discount for IT Club members.


The world known brand Columbia doesn’t need additional advertising. It’s comfortable, good quality sportswear that should be in the wardrobe of everyone who likes doing sports. In Columbia shop in Lviv, you can buy sports clothes for skiing, running, hiking, camping, picnics and also the urban and sports backpacks.

Address: Shevchenko Av., 20
IT Club member discount10%

Syrne Korolivstvo (The Cheese Kingdom)

Syrne Korolivstvo offers more than 120 types of cheeses from all around Europe. Here you can find cheese from the Netherlands, famous French and Italian cheeses made with cow or goat milk. Besides cheese, it’s possible to find here different tasty sauces, jams, and honey which go perfectly with the cheese.

Address: Hnatyuka St., 4; King Cross Leopolis shopping mall; Truskavets, Heroiv UPA St., 2b; Polyanytsia village, Bukovel.
IT Club member discount7%

WINETIME Gastro&Wine Market

Winetime – a chain of national gastro&wine markets, which imports drinks from all over the world. Winetime offers a great variety of wine from France, Italy, Chile, Spain, New Zealand and other countries. You can also choose from a number of stronger drinks such as cognac, brandy, bourbon, rum, tequila etc. Wine by Ukrainian brands as well as gastro delicacies – cheese, meat, sea food etc.

Address: Chornovola Av., 45
IT Club member discount5%; special offer – 20% for the first purchase until the end of June


Hobbymonster offers a big variety of board games: strategic games, financial and logical games, memory and concentration games, puzzles, games for kids etc. Here you can find the best presents for your friends as well as for a home party or a picnic.

Address: Doroshenka St., 40
IT Club member discount5% for board games і 10% – for the Italeri models

Family Decor

Family Decor – a chain of shops which offers beautiful French interior accessories. Their furniture and accessories will help to make your home more comfortable and cozy. Here you can buy furniture, chandeliers, vases, baskets, bathroom appliances, candlesticks, mirrors, bits and bobs for kitchen etc.

Address: Hnatyuka St., 15
IT Club member discount10%


Kasandra is a leather footwear shop, which offers a big variety of women and men footwear produced in Lviv. The footwear is made from the good quality leather and is mostly handmade. A great selection of footwear for every season at very affordable prices will definitely surprise you.

Address: Vynnychenka St., 8
IT Club member discount10% for women’s footwear and 15% – men’s footwear


ActionBike specializes in bicycles and sports accessories. Here you can buy sports clothes, backpacks, bicycle helmets etc. There is also a repair shop here, so you can always fix your bike.

Address: Kniahyni Olhy St., 114
IT Club member discount10%

Miff Store

Miff Store is a newly opened store with the selected products of Ukrainian brand, including clothes, accessories, jewelry. You can also find here perfumes, handmade pottery, creative bags and backpacks, watches, colorful socks etc. The shop also offers its own product – the notebooks, sketchbooks, and planners from Miff Manufacture. It’s a perfect place for the people who are looking for the unique things.

Address: Klionovycha St., 14
IT Club member discount5% for all products, 10% for notebooks by Miff Manufacture


Enoteca wants to develop the culture of alcohol consumption in Lviv. Apart from being a store that offers a great selection of wine, cognac, tequila etc., Enoteca organizes various meetings, wine tastings, workshops, and lectures about the world of drinks.

Address: Kyryla and Mefodia St., 1
IT Club member discount7%


Samets offers unique good quality natural fabric men’s shirts produced in its own atelier. You can both choose a shirt from the collection on display at the store or order a special one for you.

Address: Shuvar City Mall, shop №132
IT Club member discount: 10% for shirts, 7% for individual order