IT Future: “We need to show youth the reason to study”

28 Mar, 2016

Lviv IT sector is one of the fastest growing in Europe, and Lviv IT Cluster wants to make it even more popular. To attract more youth to this sphere, Cluster’s team organizes meetings with high school students as a part of IT Future project. This time, the sophomores of Lviv Ukrainian Humanitarian Gymnasium got a chance to listen to the three professionals and decide whether the IT sector is for them.

With the support Juniors Club Lviv, three experts of Epam , Yuliya Palamarchuk, Viktor Dorogii, and Roman Karpinskyy, visited the gymnasium. The latter graduated from the gymnasium. Speakers shared their experience in IT, the features of this work, and the advice on how not to be afraid and find themselves in the industry.
[1] 6 1920“I joined the project because I have a lot of useful things to tell the teenagers and support the idea of spreading the information about IT among youth,” says Yuliya Palamarchuk. She knew little about IT when she graduated high school, and is convinced that the students should be given more knowledge at the Informatics lessons instead of simply talking about Pascal and its functions.

“I think if I got the information that we now tell the students, I would reach the level I have now much faster,” adds Yuliya.

Viktor Dorogii joined the project to explain what IT was as well as explain the different professions, needed skills, and ways to join the sphere.  When he learned about the project, he decided to join it to promote IT. “I would also like to improve my presentation and public speaking skills,” explains Viktor.

Viktor says it is more difficult to communicate with the students than the adults or university students because it is harder to interest teens. “It was nice that the youth asked so many questions; it means we managed to convey the main thing to them,” he concludes.

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Roman Karpinskyy, who have graduated from the gymnasium, joined IT Future to share his own experience. According to him, this is something the school education lacks the most since very often, the children do not see a reason why they study. “My goal is to show that Ukraine has a future despite the various stereotypes which have existed for the last 25 years,” he explains.

Roman has joined the project because he cares how his country will look like in ten years: “I want to contribute to our society so it gets more intellectually and culturally educated people who see their future and perspectives here.”[1] 3 1920

Roman explains: when he was a student, he lacked enough qualified teachers. He is positive the students need to understand why they study, and where and how they can find their future. “School teachers do not spend time on these things, but in reality, they are the key elements of education. If the study of physics began with an explanation of how to explore the stars and build supercars as well as a point that it is impossible to do those things without physics, the children would have much more enthusiasm in learning, ” sums up Roman.

The lecture with three experts is the seventh in this semester. We plan to have twenty more lectures by the summer. IT Future is an ambitious project that spreads the information about IT among teenagers so Ukraine remains the biggest IT market in Europe in terms of human capital. Lviv IT Cluster promotes the growth of the industry, and we encourage experts to join the project!