A Bit of History: Why the Street where IT House is Located Has the Name of Lennon?

26 Jul, 2016

There are only seven streets named after John Lennon in the world, and one of them is located in Lviv. The IT House building is situated on this street. Lviv IT Cluster found out, that Mikhail Zarichniy, the Dean of the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, is the creator of this name. This faculty teaches IT-specialists, so we could not pass through such a coincidence, that’s why we asked him how the Lennon street has appeared in Lviv.
[1] 22 1920

The history of renaming the street in honor of John Lennon is dated till the early 90s and appeared more as a joke. Then during one of his classes, Mikhail Zarichniy was explaining the students the difference between singularity and plurality. As an example, he mentioned himself: as a teacher he is a singularity, but as a committee for creating Lennon Street in Lviv he is plurality, though in this committee he will be the only one.

This inventive example Mikhail Zarichniy shared with his colleague Markiyan Hirnyk. But he took everything seriously and once said, “When our committee will start to work?” Since that time an active work began.

“It started as a joke or improvisation. However, later it excited us, because we belong to a generation who overlived Beatlemania. We thought that in addition to honoring our culture, science, historical figures we must not forget that Lviv is also closely linked to the European and world culture”, explain Mikhail Zarichniy the reason why a joke has become a serious business.

Then the teachers started to collect students’ signatures with songs of The Beatles playing in the hallway to attract the attention. After that the signed petition was sent to the City Council.

“Our proposal was, “to name one of the new streets of Lviv”. I joked that it would be cheaper to rename Lenin street, but shortly before it got a historic name of Lychakivska. As a result Shchurata street was renamed”, says Mikhail Zarichniy.

[1] 19 1920Now it is the small street in Shevchenko district. It is still evolving, and due to the appearance of IT House it will become a street with one of the most modern buildings in Lviv. In the spring of 2017 Lviv leading IT-specialists will already inhabit there, and we suppose that Lennon street will get its new informal name “IT-street”.