Three days of extreme startup school from Garage48!

10 Nov, 2015

Autumn fever of interesting IT events goes on! This times Garage48 paid a visit to Lviv!

48 hours to create a full value web or mobile service prototype – sounds impossible? More than possible! It has been proved by the Garage48 members one more time! This year the hackathon has been held in Lviv again, and again in the N-IX office. For two days two teams of designers, PM’s and developers have been working on creating a fully functional web or mobile service prototype. Both, students and experienced entrepreneurs could participate in the event.

Garage48 is a so-to-say extreme startup school. Extreme, since each participating team has only 48 hours to turn their idea into a finished product, and 90 seconds to present it. Nevertheless, the idea should be welcomed not only by mentors, but by the other participants, since later a team is needed to help create this product.

On Friday, during the formal opening the event organizer – Ragnar Sas – presented the basic rules of hackathon as well as some interesting facts. Since 2010 Garage48 has hosted 48 events in 25 countries, uniting 3450 participants and collecting over 900 startup ideas. Now hackathon is being help in Lviv, and not without a reason. The event organizer Ragnar motivates his choice by a couple of factors: “I think that Lviv is an incredibly beautiful city, which is also a home to a huge community of talented IT-people. It’s one of the main factors that triggered our return. I am sure that Ukraine has great potential for creating even more amazing startups, and we plan to come back here over and over again!”

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After the formal opening the participants had an opportunity to present their ideas, but they only had 60 seconds to impress the judges and other 60 participants. After the pitch everyone has to find people for their teams, who are needed to create the product – designers, PMs, front-end or back-end developers. The team choice is extremely important, since the participant, with the help of those people, has to create a mobile or web service, which will be fully functional. So, the next part will be the hardest – choosing a team and starting to work on the product.

During the following two days the participants received assistance and practical product development advice from the experienced mentors. Roman Osidach from “Magic Messenger” team claims that the mentors assisted with quite specific advice: “Especially when teams started working on a complicated task and got into detail, mentors came up and gave very accurate advice. The recommended to simplify everything as much as possible, since we has very little time indeed. Mentors help us focus on the main task”. That’s the second time Roman is taking part in the hackathon. Last time his team also received an award for their ‘Instawash’ startup.

There have been a couple of ladies among the participants. Even though Sasha claims she ended up at the event accidentally, she truly enjoyed participating in Garage48 and being able to meet real professionals. Together with the team Sasha presents ‘Team to Travel’ startup, which is meant to help those who love to travel find company for their trips. The girl claims: “Such events help us implement development strategy for Lviv 2020 and positively influence entrepreneurship in general”.

On Sunday, a number of startups were presented: educational, as well as quite adventurous ones, such as ‘We saw you naked’, for example. Service will help everyone who ever wanted so see their colleagues or friends naked. All you need is to upload the person’s picture. The program will find pictures of porn-stars who resemble this person the most. Despite the fact that the idea is very provocative and adventurous, it’s been specifically appraised by the Microsoft representatives, who forecast great future if the idea is successfully developed and advertised.

After 48 hours of working non-stop teams were extremely exhausted, but very enthusiastic. During the presentation they have been motivated by the prizes for the winning team: Kindle E-books, Lviv Startup School courses from Startup Depot, as well as mentor lectures. In a tough competition the award went to the team which presented the ‘Magic Messanger’ idea – a program, which can help all shy people find new friends. The day wasn’t over after the winners had been announced. The participants had enough time to communicate, have a bottle of beer and some pizza. The evening was ended with a group photo and the promise from the event organizers to come back next year. So now startuppers have enough time to generate new ideas!

Posted by Orysia Khimiak