Inauguration Ceremony of Cluster’s Degree Programs: Student Onboarding

10 Oct, 2017

The Ceremony of Inauguration of Cluster’s IoT, AI, and DS&IS degree programs took place during IT Arena, the biggest tech event in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, on the 30th of September. The programs were launched by Lviv IT Cluster at the universities of Lviv during the last two years.

This year, Lviv IT Cluster has launched 4 new programs at universities in Lviv. During IT Arena, the new students who enrolled in these new programs were welcome. Among them: students of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence programs at Lviv Polytechnic, and Data Science & Intelligent Systems program at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Students had a chance to listen to the inspirational talk by one of IT Arena’s speakers, Rachel Sibley, ex-VP at Leap Motion. In her speech, she motivated students to stay interested in technology and not to be afraid of the challenges of the industry.

There are no modern monsters in the oceans waiting for us to hop on a ship and go explore and discover. The biggest inventions of our time are in technology. You’re a pioneer. You’re curious about the world, no matter how challenging it is, no matter how much you have to push to use your courage and your bravery. And when you, students are working those long hours trying to make it through this program, remember that you are going to need that flashlight. You’re going to need to be able to illuminate your way with your own vision. So finally, to conclude. Be bold and invent!” – says Rachel Sibley in her speech for the students.

Also, Zenoviy Veres, Lviv IT Cluster’s Education Director, Solution Architect at SoftServe, Teacher at Lviv Polytechnic, spoke to the students, and Igor Salamin, from PLVision, which supports a lot of Cluster’s programs, providing them with experts and mentors.

«To be honest, we at PLVision really envy today’s students. Back in our day, education was torn off from the real life. When I was a student, I didn’t know what I would be doing after graduation. Now we have new excellent educational programs like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Intelligent Systems. And it’s all because a couple of people wanted to break the old way of things. As we see now, they succeeded in it. I’m really proud to be a part of this change. I suppose that you do see all the opportunities or at least some of them in front of you, and will make efforts to use it. Opportunities to change yourself for changing the world» – said Igor Salamin in his speech, Competence Manager at PLVision.

The final word during the ceremony was by Andrew Sorohan from WNISEF, the fund which provided the DS&IS students with scholarships and will also support the organization of student summer camps.

460 students are already following Lviv IT Cluster’s innovative programs.