Interesting People: DJ Taras

20 Apr, 2016

“When you’re always behind the computer, I even get a buzz from being a DJ,” says Taras Lytvyn,  Team Lead at Lohika, DJ, and a fan of blues. Taras loves his job, but still manages to find time for his other passion, music. How does DJ’s ministudio look like, and what to do to get pleasure from work? Find out in our interview with interesting person of Cluster.

«I decided to study IT when I was a teenager since I knew only Math when I was a child,” says Taras. He works in optimization sphere at Lohika and also freelances. Although the latter brings high profits, he decided to stay with the company since he likes working there and its atmosphere. «If you are an expert and know how to «sell» yourself, you don’t need to work at all. For example, there are many crowd platforms for IT professionals,» says Taras. These platforms allow finding customers and working independently on their projects.13062708_10206145368379555_239841296_o

Besides working in IT, Taras is a DJ. “It all started with my love for music. Hip-hop may be simpler than rock or jazz, but I like the show the performers create,» says he, «This is the music to relax after work.» Taras started back in 2009. «I had a friend, a DJ, whose parties I often visited. She taught me the skills in the beginning,» explains Taras.

«I divide all the styles into simple and difficult ones. The simple ones are the club music, which one can learn in a couple of days,» he continues, «But I always wanted to learn playing hip-hop.» According to Taras, tracks in this style are difficult, with different parties and melodic frequencies, and therefore, it is more complicated to work with them. «I studied for four months, but even then, I was still a beginner,» – says Taras, «My friend invited me to play at his club, where I got to practice.»  He trained for about six more months, and also studied on his laptop.13062831_10206145400700363_189594546_o

«At home, I organized a ministudio of a DJ with a desk, remote controller, speakers, vinyls and needles for them,” – continues Taras, «Whenever I have time, I record something or write remixes, and every week, I perform at a club.» However, there is no place to play hip-hop in Lviv now, convinces Taras. «No one plays hip-hop here. Lviv is more of a jazz or rock city,» he adds.

Still, Taras spends at least thirty minutes every day to listen to new tracks and follow the musical news. «When you’re always behind the computer, I even get a buzz from being a DJ,» he says, «Especially because such work is usually on weekends, and does not affect the IT schedule.»

Taras wants to do something related to music, and confesses: he plays hip-hop, but loves blues the most.