A Computer Lab Gifted by Lviv IT Cluster has Started Working at Gymnasium “Yevshan”

04 Nov, 2016

A computer lab which was a special gift from Lviv IT Cluster has started working at Lviv Gymnasium “Yevshan”. Both students and teachers are satisfied and happy to work with the new equipment. We visited the gymnasium and observed what the learning process looks like.

Gymnasium “Yevshan” won Lviv School IT Competition – Lviv CSIT 2016 last May. To be exact – an 11th grade student Andriy Zavoyko won the school IT competition. He developed an app with Lviv tourist routes on his own. Members of the jury were quite excited about the app and decided to award the first place to Andriy. As a prize, Lviv IT Cluster had given a scholarship of 10 thousand UAH to the winner, and a computer lab along with an interactive whiteboard – to the winner’s school.

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Informatics teacher Iryna Pytusylnyk responds positively about Andriy. The guy has participated in 3 stages of the competition several times already, and this year he managed to get to the last stage and win, she says. Currently he’s studying at Lviv Polytechnic National University, while his successors have a chance to work using the new computer equipment.

This lab had the oldest computers – bought at 2001. Last year gymnasium together with parents bought 3 new computers. 5 more were given thanks to Lviv IT Cluster” – the teacher says.
Furthermore, the Cluster has also given the gymnasium an interactive whiteboard. Now, classes will be more informative and interesting both for students and teachers.

How do we work right now? There’s a computer and a projector. I prepare a presentation for the class and can project it at the traditional whiteboard. Using an interactive whiteboard, I can draw on it, edit, add and delete stuff. So, basically I’m creating a lesson in real-time mode. I can ask any student to continue together with me” – the teacher comments.

Together with the new equipment the school will continue to educate talented kids. An obligatory participation in the competition – is among their future plans. Informatics – is one of the most promising subjects and a special attention is paid to it in the school:

For decades we start teaching Informatics already in the 5th grade. Even before it was obligatory in the state curriculum, we were already teaching it. We divide students into 3 groups, so that everybody got an individual approach” – says the principal Bozhena Nazar.
The teacher Iryna Pytusylnyk says that a lot of children are doing some basic programming together with their parents. Such interest to Informatics enabled her to make a whole list of gifted students who can participate in the competition next year. So, the gymnasium is looking forward to new victories. In the meantime, Lviv IT Cluster will prepare new gifts for talented students.