Esther Dyson, the most influential woman in IT, is about to visit Lviv

14 Sep, 2016 1

A woman who motivates both with words and actions – that’s how American and European media describe her. The New York Times called Esther Dyson the most influential woman in the field of Information Technology. Hearing this, she modestly replies, that no one can surpass Bill Gates, with whom they are actually good friends. This autumn Ukrainians will have a chance to listen to Esther live, since she is about to visit Lviv for one of the biggest tech conferences in Eastern Europe – Lviv IT Arena.

Esther Dyson is known for her investment projects. One of the last ones – a non-profit organization HICCup (Health Intervention Coordinating Council) which is engaged in health care and helps people to find their way to “Wellville”.  She got involved in the health care topic not by accident. Esther really cares about her own well-being and at the age of 65 she looks at least 10 years younger. Her dream – to live up to 120 years and retire on Mars. In the interview for the British “The Telegraph” she said: “I won’t go until I’m ready to die”.

Esther Dyson – big investor and business angel. She had invested in Flickr, Medstory, Crohnology, Eligible API, Keas, Omada Health, Sleepio, StartUp Health and Valkee. Esther has years of experience in selecting companies for investment, that is why she will be on the jury panel at the Startup Competition that takes place within Lviv IT Arena. Out of 100 companies, she will help to choose those that deserve to be further developed.

However, Esther has not always been an investor and an influential woman in the IT field. Having graduated from the Department of Economics at Harvard, she started to work at Forbes. Initially she worked as a fact-checker, but quickly rose to a reporter.

Later Esther Dyson became the IT-market analyst and edited magazine Release 1.0. She quickly bought a research company of her employer Ben Rosen and renamed it as EDventure Holdings (pun intended). Moreover, she’s the author of the book “Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age”.

In 2005 she got interested in the topic of health care. Her interest in space came next (hence – the desire to get to Mars). Space hasn’t always interest Dyson – in fact, in the childhood she always tried to avoid space-related topics since her father, the theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson was closely involved in it. Being an adult, she understood how important and fascinating it is.

Since then, her investment portfolio got enlarged by several medical and astronomical projects: MEDESK, XCOR, Constellation Services, Zero-G, Icon Aircraft, Space Adventures and one genetic start up – 23andMe. Moreover, she organized the Flight School for entrepreneurs who are interested in aviation and space in Aspen, Colorado.

Esther is confidently moving towards her dream about Mars – she is getting closer to it every time. For instance, in 2008-2009, having paid 3 million dollars, she trained as a back-up spaceflight participant for Charles Simone’s trip to the International Space Station. Recently Dyson’s bought a seat at Virgin Galactic spaceship for 250 000 $.

Esther Dyson – is an experienced speaker.  She was invited to speak at TEDx twice and plenty of times at various conferences throughout the USA and Europe. At Lviv IT Arena Esther will speak on how to reach your dreams, why medical and space technologies are extremely important and what’s waiting for us at those fields. There is no doubt, that Esther will motivate you to work harder, because listening to her, it is simply impossible not to get inspired.