The e-platform for 3-D printing is going to work in Lviv

02 Sep, 2016

The 3D-printing start-up is being launched in Lviv. May-b is a platform that will work in a way similar to iTunes, but instead of multimedia, there will be files with designs of various things. Anyone can download the file and print something using their personal 3D printer or by addressing a relevant company.

“The main idea of May-b – to print anything – anywhere”, – the creators of the start-up Wolfgang and Raul Fabisch (father and son) say.

The May-b platform will work worldwide, but the team of developers is located in Lviv. There two reasons for this. First of all, this is where Wolfgang Fabisch’s company B-Next is operating, secondly, according to Wolfgang Fabisch, that’s where the best IT specialists are.

The Fabisch family started to invest in the 3D printing, because they see prospects for development of this sphere.

“There is a 3D-printer at my university, but you can rarely see people actually printing something, – says Raul. – It is predicted, however, that in 5 years it is going to become a mass phenomenon”.

Wolfgang adds: “If I didn’t believe in prospects of the industry, I wouldn’t invest in it”.

As a proof of prospects, he provides successful examples of 3D printers in use. For instance, at the Charité hospital in Berlin 3D printing has been used to aid kidney transplant surgery. Moreover, the entrepreneur talks about a significant reduction in the cost of goods compared to those handmade or produced at enterprises. For example, printed jewellery is empty inside, which makes it considerably cheaper.


The creators of the start-up say that it would be possible to find designs of totally different things with various sizes and materials on the platform. However, according to company’s policy it is forbidden to use designs of weapon or devices for drug use. According to Wolfgang, the service will charge 30-40% of the file cost.

Currently the May-b team consists of 3 people, apart from the managers. The company needs new technical specialists that would develop the e-platform. It is planned that the service will be launched already in the beginning of 2017 and, according to the organizers, they are interested in Ukraine not only from the point of view of employees, but also want to find final consumption here.

At the moment, the start-up is actively engaged in promotion. Wolfgang and Raul Fabisch want to present it at the Lviv IT Arena conference.