Ministry of Health Vaccination Center to be Set Up in Lviv in Cooperation with Lviv IT Cluster

27 May, 2021

Ukraine is launching large-scale vaccination centers to vaccinate as many people as possible against COVID-19. Lviv is one of the first cities to open a Type 4 vaccination center, which became possible thanks to cooperation with the Lviv IT Cluster. The vaccination center will start working this weekend.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine plans to open separate vaccination centers in the country’s largest cities to speed up the vaccination process against COVID-19. Such centers will vaccinate people who registered for vaccination in the Diia app. Thanks to the cooperation with the Lviv IT Cluster, Lviv will become the first city in Ukraine to have such a center.

“Thanks to the joint position and cooperation of Lviv IT Cluster, Ministry of Health, the city and regional authorities, it is planned that a large-scale vaccination center will open in Lviv very soon. Stabilizing the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Lviv and Ukraine and gradually restoring normal life is essential. We are grateful to conscious businesses and active residents who helped us at all stages of the fight against COVID-19 – starting with purchasing or sewing medical masks to the organization of vaccination centers,” says First Deputy Mayor of Lviv Andriy Moskalenko.

“We are extremely grateful to Lviv IT Cluster, which has actively supported the health care workers of the Lviv region since the beginning of the pandemic. Today, Lviv IT Cluster continues to show its solidarity in the fight against COVID-19 and is able to provide us with support in organizing a vaccination center, which has no analogs in the Lviv region. The center will vaccinate about 23,000 people registered via the Diia app. People are already being contacted and invited for vaccination. We will be able to see how the vaccination process will look already this Saturday,” comments Orest Chemerys, director of the health department of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

In early May, Lviv IT Cluster, together with the Lviv City Council and the Lviv Regional State Administration, has already started vaccinating employees of the local IT industry, having set up a special vaccination center at the Arena Lviv stadium. Thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Health and local and regional authorities, the center has set up medical teams and a vaccination schedule. Every day the center employs eight doctors and vaccinates about 300 IT employees. Lviv IT Cluster vaccination center will become the basis for the Ministry of Health’s vaccination center since it has already established all the work processes.

“Our idea to set up a special vaccination center for the IT industry representatives was very timely. Our center is the first of its kind in Ukraine. We are thrilled that we can help to equip the vaccination center of the Ministry of Health based on the Lviv IT Cluster’s vaccination center. Therefore, Lviv will become the city that reacted the fastest to the Ministry’s innovations and, I hope, the number of vaccinated people will also be very high here,” said Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

The vaccination center will start vaccinating the population registered at the Diia City app on Saturday. It is planned that about 1,000 people will be vaccinated on Saturday and Sunday, May 29-30. The vaccination schedule and queue will be drawn up by health professionals who will contact people from the Diia City list. The vaccine to be used is CoronaVac (China).

As of today, in the Lviv region, 70,448 people have been vaccinated with the first dose, 5,013 people have received the second dose.