Ubraine IT Company Has Created a Unique Low-Code Product and Will Teach Others

Ubraine company, Lviv IT Cluster member, has created a new product – a low-code platform, to cover the needs of the majority of the company’s customers.  With five years of experience in the market, the team of experts has realized that the methodology of using such a platform greatly simplifies the working process, so the product should be used not only by the Ubraine company but go beyond it and teach others. That is why Ubraine started cooperation with IT STEP University in Lviv and created together the educational program “Fundamentals of Visual Programming. Low Code Technologies”. Thanks to the networking at the General Assembly Meeting of Lviv IT Cluster members, this cooperation was agreed on.


Using the teaching experience at IT STEP University, the team of Ubraine professionals has created a low-code platform UBOS (Ubraine Business Operating System), aiming to establish UBOS Academy, which will teach people to use this platform and apply it in various projects and businesses. Let us learn more about the learning process and UBOS details.


Dozens of large project implementations enabled the Ubraine team to understand and navigate customers’ requests. Accordingly, the experts concluded that it is necessary to develop their own system that will help businesses qualitatively and quickly go through digital transformation.

The Ubraine team had primary and basic data, showing the need to implement information systems for business process management that would be flexible to changes in real-time. With this data, they identified the best method for the business to help optimize expenses and time. That was the Low-Code method.

What is Low-Code?
This is a unique approach enabling creating and setting up different systems, which requires almost no software code. Its main advantages are saving money and time and understanding the details of programming for absolutely everyone. Low-Code helps launch a new product 7-10 times faster and offers a very easy-to-use visual drag-and-drop interface.

What is UBOS?
Ubraine Business Operating System is a cloud-based low-code platform that helps speed up and simplify the software development cycle with an intuitive visual drag-and-drop interface and the constructor for applications building. During the development stages of the platform, it was planned to be used exclusively for commercial purposes of the company. But thanks to Lviv IT Cluster the unique collaboration started resulting in the creation of the new program at IT STEP University together with the IT company Ubraine. Cluster is an active networking community where employees of different companies can meet and talk about various initiatives at the General Assembly Meeting. Thanks to this networking, IT STEP University representatives became interested in a new product from Ubraine, as they aim to give their graduates a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, helping them to use market-relevant technologies, and enabling them to quickly integrate into the company’s technological process.

for-fb2021-11-12-9Now IT STEP University students have the opportunity to choose the program “Fundamentals of Visual Programming. Low Code Technologies” as an optional discipline in the format of dual education the main focus of which is on practical tasks. While teaching the program, specialists from Ubraine share all their knowledge and principles of the use of such technologies. Students, in their turn, will be able to master a new niche in the IT industry by doing practical work on the reproduction of CRM / ERP / BPM / LMS functionality and developing applied projects. UBOS is a browser-based platform requiring no additional software installation, which is one of the main advantages which greatly simplifies the organization of the education process.

The project currently being developed by Ubraine and IT STEP University is a cool example of productive networking provided by Lviv IT Cluster. Uniting IT companies into a single integrated entity allows us to share new initiatives and create quality products, which can be demonstrated by the example of other projects that have been already developing in the Cluster and beyond. We are happy that collaboration resulted in the creation of a new educational product in Lviv,” commented Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster.

“Our university has set the goal of training specialists for the IT-sphere by closely binding theoretical and practical education. At the same time, we constantly monitor relevant and promising technologies and, in cooperation with companies, upgrade the educational program, involve in principle subjects only teachers having experience of work on real projects, so that the students receive knowledge and skills relevant to the market needs. As a result, during their study, the university graduates closely communicate with leading companies specialists, know how to use relevant and promising technologies, and acquire experience of work on several real projects, which is extremely valuable in employment. The project with Ubraine company is another successful example of education and industry synergy. The company’s specialists, developers of new technologies, new products share their experience and knowledge, involve students in real projects. This combination of learning and working on real projects (read – dual education) is the most understandable, effective and acceptable for today’s youth. And the company, in its turn, gets the opportunity to prepare and educate new team members who understand the company’s values and easily integrate into its technological process. Our experience of cooperation with Ubraine and other companies (that are members of Lviv IT Cluster) indicates that today such approach not only has the right to life but also provides quality training of specialists who are in demand for the market,” said Taras Rak, Vice-Rector of IT STEP University.

Professionals from the Ubraine team are open and ready for cooperation with other universities and next semester start the course “Basics of Visual Programming. Low Code Technologies” at Lviv State University of Life Safety. Follow the updates of the program’s start and company and students’ successes on the website.