UNIQA Ukraine become the leader of the insurance market in 2018

14 May, 2019

Insurance TOP Magazine held an Annual Presentation for top managers of insurance companies, banks and other participants in the financial market, devoted to summing up the results of the insurance market of Ukraine for 2018.

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The presentation was supported by the participation of the embassies of Austria, Canada and the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, which the Organizers have been cooperating with for years.

The total limit of liability of Ukrainian insurers for insured objects in 2018 exceeded 34 trillion UAH or $ 1.3 trillion. This is the responsibility that the domestic insurance market annually bears to its customers. Insurance TOP magazine noted 17 leading insurers, who took first places in different insurance classes.

UNIQA and UNIQA Life, members of the non-bank financial group UNIQA Ukraine, became the leaders of the insurance market of Ukraine according to the results of work in 2018.  UNIQA IC- the leader in the categories “Insurance Premiums”, “Insurance Claims Payments”, “Insurance Assets” and “Insurance Reserves”. UNIQA Life IC – the leader of “Banking life insurance.”

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Austria to Ukraine, Mrs. Hermine Poppeler, presented the diplomas of leaders to the Chairman of the Board of UNIQA IC Elena Uljee, and the Chairman of the Board of UNIQA Life IC Vladimir Simonchuk.


Elena Uljee, Chairman of the Board of UNIQA Insurance Company states: “UNIQA, first of all, is a service company focusing on the customers’ needs. And the success of service companies is relatively simple: to improve processes and technologies with a team of the best specialists and high-level professionals. We are satisfied with the results of our work and not going to stop. For 2018, UNIQA has collected more than UAH 2.0 billion insurance premiums, which exceeded the results of 2017 by 20%. UNIQA pays great attention to providing quality services and customer support, especially in case of insurance incidents.”

Vladimir Simonchuk, Chairman of the Board of UNIQA Life Insurance Company says: “UNIQA Life has successfully closed the year 2018. We consistently adhered to our strategic priorities and fulfilled all obligations to our customers. We will continue to pay attention to profitable growth and invest in the development of life insurance in Ukraine, because this kind of insurance, as the most socially significant and aimed at providing financial protection and well-being of persons, their family and friends, has a development perspective in Ukraine and all over the world.

In 2019, the event was attended by more than 150 top managers of insurance companies, brokers and assistants, representatives of banks and investment companies, heads of leading professional associations, MTIBU and National Financial Services.

Presentation Insurance TOP is one of the most significant events in the insurance market of Ukraine, which is already the 10th year confirmed by the high level of presence of top managers and state authorities.